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19th June 1967: Israel’s Peace Plan

Forty-five years after the Israeli cabinet met to discuss what to do in the aftermath of the Six Day War, the State of Israel has released the transcripts of those meetings. Yaacov Lozowick, one of Israel’s best-respected historians, has more on these amazing documents:

At the end of the Six Day War Israel controlled wide tracts of territory, and someone had to decide what to do with them. Israel’s Cabinet first discussed the question at length on June 18-19th, a week after the war. The minsters decided the Sinai and Golan would be returned to Egypt and Syria for peace. Jerusalem would not be re-divided. The deliberations about the West Bank were not concluded.

On the 45th anniversary of the discussion the Israel State Archives has put online the declassified transcript. Some 200 pages long and in Hebrew, the document shows that on many points there was unanimity among Israel’s political leaders, while on other matters the differences of opinion were so significant that agreement was not possible. (There is also a five-page English extract, here). I have summarized the outlines of the discussion for the benefit of hebraically-challenged readers. Non-Hebraically challenged readers are urged to read the document itself, which is rich in drama and nuance.

Take some time today and read the whole thing.


Author: Stand For Israel | June 19, 2012
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What do you think?

    June 20, 2012
    9:47 am


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  • Robert
    June 19, 2012
    7:29 pm

    If Israel depends on Obama, there will be no more Israel.

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  • angelo
    June 19, 2012
    2:43 pm

    Firstly, it came about due to rising tensions between Israel and Egypt, secondly, to assure peace in the region, security is vital between the many parties involved, thirdly, with the changes occuring the in the Mid-east, both peace and security with the porcess of co-existence is necessary. Prayers for Israel and the Mid-east at this point in history.

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