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An important juncture in U.S.-Israel relations

Netanyahu and Obama (photo: Reuters)

It was officially announced today that U.S. President Obama will meet Israeli P.M. Netanyahu during his upcoming trip to Washington, D.C. in March. Netanyahu will be traveling to the U.S. capitol to address the AIPAC conference, and he will likely use this forum to gather support against a nuclear Iran, which Israel views as the greatest threat facing the world.

Although the Israeli and American governments insist that relations between the two ally countries are good, their underlying tension is felt throughout the world over disagreements on a number of issues, including how to deal with a nuclear Iran and the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks. In Israel, we recognize the American government as a friend and ally to Israel, and we hope that the partnership will be strengthened in the coming months as the prospect of war with both Iran and Israel’s enemy neighbors grows greater.

There has not been a meeting between Obama and Netanyahu for more than six months, and the upcoming meeting will likely be the final one between the two leaders before Israel makes her final decision of how to deal with the threat of a nuclear Iran. The meeting will likely be full of tension and disagreement, being that Obama believes in the power of sanctions and Netanyahu seems to think that a military strike is becoming inevitable.

The nuclear Iran issue is pressing and time sensitive, and although Netanyahu has given the world the luxury of time to deal with this international threat, sanctions have proven nearly ineffective and much of the world’s leaders are vetoing the crippling sanctions that could actually make a difference. Obama knows that Israel is watching the ticking clock on the ability to stop Iran from possession of nuclear weapons, and this will be a main point of discussion during the leaders’ upcoming talks in March.

The Palestinian-Israeli peace talks have broken down, and by the time Obama and Netanyahu meet in March, the direction that the Palestinian Authority has chosen will be crystal clear for the world to see. By March, Israel estimates that the Hamas/Fatah agreements will be finalized, and Fatah will have their plans of how to move forward with international recognition in the U.N. Obama will need to present Netanyahu with his vision of Middle East peace, after this huge step by Fatah in the direction of terror and disengagement from peace talks takes place.

Every meeting between Obama and Netanyahu has so far been historic and groundbreaking, but I believe that the upcoming meeting in March will be the most potent and practical talks that these two world leaders have had yet, and might even breed decisions that will change the world as we know it.

Author: Stand For Israel | February 20, 2012
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  • Ed
    March 26, 2012
    7:25 pm

    Read in the paper and heard on CNN that OBAMA promised Netanyahu bunker busting bombs and B1, and in flight refueling aid if Israel waits till next year before she attacks Iranl. What bull! Israel is our only ally in the middle east, and every American citizen needs to write to their congressmen and senators to insure that we continue to back Israel and provide whatever aide she may need NOW, not when it is politically correct for our president. I am embarrased for him. We need to help protect Israel now, and FOREVER!

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  • mary
    February 24, 2012
    11:01 am

    Presidemt Obama will say and do anything to get re-elected. He is evil and not to be trusted. He is an appeaser and that will not work with Iran any more than it did with Nazi Germany. This is 1939.

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    • Sandra
      March 8, 2012
      6:13 pm

      I sincerely hope and pray that Prime Minister Netanyahu will not be swayed to take up Obama’s recent suggestion and accept what looks like a bribe to keep Israel from actively protecting herself. I believe what the Bible says and that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will watch over Israel and protect her always but it still is somewhat worrisome that Iran is getting closer every day to having a nuclear bomb and we know what their real intentions are and so does Obama no matter what he says, he knows that they have only bad intentions for Israel. It seems like a year ago would not have been soon enough for Israel to start action against Iran! The longer it goes on, the more worry we have that Iran will get that bomb up and running and use it to hurt innocent Israelis. Being an American, I am not so worried because we are further away from Iran but our dear friends in Israel are in a much more precarious situation and it worries us Americans very much for their safety. We love and care for the Israelis and pray for them but it sure would make us feel more secure in knowing that Iran was not such a nuclear threat right now. God Bless And Keep Israel Safely in His Loving Arms and Always Bless Israel!

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  • Danny
    February 22, 2012
    5:02 pm

    It burns me up seeing how Obama has treated the prime minister in the past (very disrespectful) and I have no respect for the current president because of that. I will stand with Israel and support her any way I can and I will pray for her and place faith in our God that against all Odds he will fight another battle that will have the world shaking the heads “again” in disbelief. may God bless Isreal forever.

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    • SAM
      February 24, 2012
      11:15 am


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  • true
    February 22, 2012
    11:44 am

    I pray that GOD’s “will” be done like he said it would, no matter who do’s what, in JESUS name!!!

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  • Dan C
    February 21, 2012
    4:00 pm

    “The Palestinian-Israeli peace talks have broken down, and by the time Obama and Netanyahu meet in March, the direction that the Palestinian Authority has chosen will be crystal clear for the world to see.”

    When viewed through their own ideological lens, nothing is “crystal clear” to politicians, the press, or the great mass of liberals and moderates in the US. They are able to look at terrorism and see an opportunity to peacefully coexist, while looking at peaceful overtures by an aggrieved nation and see vile injustices. I’m sure PM Netanyahu understands this better than I do; but if he can continue to work in the face of what has to be depressing odds, I can at least support him from the sidelines.

    Pray for Israel and the US. Shalom.

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  • Jim
    February 21, 2012
    10:52 am

    Obama is for Iran so to expect him to side with Isreal will not happen. The best thing people of Isreal and people of the U.S.,who are Jewish, can do is support the Republican candidate.

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  • Marcie
    February 21, 2012
    4:44 am

    Perhaps, because it’s an election year in the U.S., Obama may be more agreeable to Israel, knowing he needs the votes of the Jewish people. Sad, but true.

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  • Marcie
    February 21, 2012
    4:42 am

    Many of us are praying that our Lord will work on the heart of President Obama to make the right decisions. I pray for Israel and also for strength and health for Bibi and his family.

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  • Lupe
    February 20, 2012
    8:30 pm

    so sad to see how President Obama treats our greatest Ally, I will stand with Israel no matter what and will support Israel not only with our prayers but also financially, Thank you IFCJ for keeping us informed, God knows the media never tells us what is really going on.

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