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Brits deem anti-Israel group Holocaust event 'offensive'

Government bans any mention of Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC) event on the official Holocaust Memorial Day Trust’s website

On Holocaust Memorial Day last year, SPSC hosted Azzam Tamimi, a Hamas supporter who condones suicide bombing in Israel, at an event titled “Resistance to Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing: from Europe in the 1940s to the Middle East Today.”

In 2006, it staged Perdition, a play that implies Zionist complicity in the Shoah. The same year, it hosted Gilad Atzmon, an alleged Holocaust-denier and anti-Semitic musician.

In his writings, Atzmon has said, “To regard Hitler as the wickedest man and the Third Reich as the embodiment of evilness is to let Israel off the hook,” and, “Perhaps we should face it once and for all, the Jews were responsible for killing Jesus.”

In a written response to SPSC last month, the government said it deemed the content of the event “offensive” and that it was the trust’s policy to bar anything “inappropriate.”

Author: David Kuner | September 29, 2010
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  • Shelby
    September 30, 2010
    8:28 am

    To deny the holocaust is to deny evil. Hitler was a madman bent on destroying God’s chosen children. Now for my thoughts on who killed Jesus. He died for all our sins. He gave his life willingly to save us all. How can anyone who truly believes in God (the one and only true God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) hate the chosen children of GOD. GOD’s heart is Israel and the Jews around the world. We as christians are only grafted in. My blessings come from knowing that I am a part of something that truly is the heart of GOD. I will stand with Israel and the Jewish people around the world until my last breath.

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  • Grayson
    September 29, 2010
    7:30 pm

    “The Jews killed Jesus” implies that Jesus was a victim. On the contrary, Jesus was a victor who conquered death, hell and the grave. Who are we to question God’s method for the redemption of mankind? I don’t understand the point of that statement. People may deny the Holocaust but that doesn’t change the fact that 9 million men, women, and children were systematically slaughtered by diabolical madmen who called themselves “Christians”!

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  • Jesus
    September 29, 2010
    2:44 pm

    Foolish muslim terrorit!

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  • thomas
    September 29, 2010
    12:50 pm

    no man killed Jesus. he said no man can kill me.i choose to lay my life down and i can take it up again.thats in the gospel of John. in Isaiah i is written “and it pleased God to bruise him”.Jesus was the passover lamb!!

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