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Egyptian professor calls for the annihilation of Israel

When we hear a statement like “The elimination of the Zionist entity is beyond debate,” we naturally assume that it came from a head of a terror organization, a radical Muslim cleric, or Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. But no, this statement was actually made by an Egyptian professor who is the head chairman of Port Said University’s Political Science Department in Egypt.


Professor Gamal Zahran was being interviewed on Iran’s state-run Al-Alam TV when he made the comment above, as well as other equally inflammatory statements. During the interview, Zahran explained that the Arab revolution “generates the people’s hope that one day, Jerusalem and Palestine will return to them.” And he concluded his dialogue with the “blessing,” “By next year, Allah willing, Israel will be annihilated.”

Seeing an Egyptian university professor on television promoting the elimination of the state of Israel is not shocking to me. It makes me angry, yet it does not surprise me. Living in the Middle East has made me acutely aware of radical Islamists’ hatred toward Jews in general, and Israel in particular. I know in my heart that the only thing that separates Jews living in Israel today from the European Jews who were isolated in ghettos before being gassed in Nazi death camps is our ability to defend ourselves.

What is shocking, and equally disturbing, is that an anti-Semitic, hate-spewing professor like Zahran is on equal footing with other academics in western universities. In fact, Zahran taught as a visiting professor at George Mason University, John Hopkins University, Georgetown, and other distinguished academies in the US.

Zahran is a member of the Washington-based American Society of Political Science, an organization which serves as a network for political science professors worldwide, and a member of the International Society for the Study of the Future (a future in which, according to Zahran, Israel will cease to exist).

In Israel, we are aware of the dangers posed to our society by the radicalism that is sweeping across the Middle East and the entire Muslim world. Yet it seems that the western world is turning a blind eye to this danger, assuming that they are immune to the threat of radical Islam and that it’s solely a Jewish/Israel problem.

The international community seems to suffer from a severe case of memory loss. Do we not recall the last time when propagators of a fanatical ideology – Nazism – spoke openly of their intention to wipe out the Jewish people and were convinced of their right and destiny to dominate the world? Ignoring the threats didn’t work then, and the world paid gravely with the onslaught of WWII. Do you think ignoring them now will work?

Author: Stand For Israel | August 28, 2012
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  • Penny
    November 27, 2012
    6:07 pm

    He should not be a teacher! He is a victim of hate and evil which passes from one generation to the next! It’s sick and stupid and unreasonable! Peace has no chance while this is alive!

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  • Connie
    August 29, 2012
    1:47 pm

    Well my thoughts are that one day he will be eating dirt with anyone who tries to claim Israel as their own.It belongs to the Jews.The Temple mount has an abomination on it now but that will change to

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  • Beverly
    August 28, 2012
    3:26 pm

    First of all Zahran’s words are not surprising because the Professor is first a Muslim and second an Arab and third he is a member of a new group that is detrimental to all countries. This new enemy of the people are COLLEGE PROFESSORS. My father warned me 40 yrs ago that the so called professors in our universities are the new enemy. I did not understand then, but I do now. For the last 50yrs American university professors have had the abilty to influence and propagandize our future by having access to our children. Many of our current leaders are the “victim” of left wing University teaching. It is the reason that we are seeing a new generation of thinking, not that is inconsistent with normal values about society, religion and politics. We see this in America for the same reason that you hear students in Arab countries speak against Israel, because it is what they have been taught in school and in college, they know NO different. Now we now seeing a generation that is the product of another generation that has been brainwashed. How much longer until the truth is so obscure that there is no turning back? We do not have long to act on this to change the situation. The fact that Zahran is speaking on Iran’s state run Al Alam TV, prompts him to be more virulent in his speaking about Israel. It is all political ideology. Because it is political, in the end, the only way that anti Israel or anti Democratic ideology, or just plain anti Semitism will be changed or eradicated will be through war because we have no time left to change this thinking and only through force will it be eradicated. It is a decision which we will have no choice to make because the enemy will make the decisionm for us.
    Robert Westrich a son of Holocaust survivors has recently written a book entitled From Ambivalence to Betrayal. It is an analysis of the abandonment of the Jewish people by the left and speaks to the disporportionate number of socialist thinkers and leaders who are of Jewish origin and what motivates them to turn against their own people.. It is from among THIS group that we find the college professors, lawyers, politicians and writers that are betraying the Jerwish people and Israel. This group of Jews have exactly the same anti Zionist ideology of our enemies and are just as delusional as those Jews in Germany that believed that they would be exempt from Hitler’s plans. I dare say that this same group would most likely side with Mr Zahran and there is the problem with our American Universities.

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