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Finger-Pointing in Beirut Bombing

Flag of Hezbollah

Last week, a car bomb in Beirut killed a prominent Lebanese intelligence official and seven others. Though no one knows for certain the source of the attack that killed  Brigadier-General Wissam al-Hassan and the others, the finger-pointing has begun.

Many – including Lebanon’s prime minister and other high-ranking officials – believe that the bombing is linked to unrest in Syria (Hassan was outspoken against Assad’s regime), but Iran and Hezbollah associates have accused Israel. Israeli officials have taken issue – to say the least – with this accusation, as well they might:

Asked about Mehmanparast’s remarks, Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said: “After the Iranian regime accused Israel of even the bad weather conditions prevailing in Iran, is there anything at all that they would not automatically blame on Israel? This is beyond pathetic. It’s pathological.”



Author: Stand For Israel | October 22, 2012
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