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Former Spanish PM launches Israel Initiative

José María Aznar, the former prime minister of Spain who wrote an inspired pro-Israel op-ed in the London Times last month, has launched a new pro-Israel effort. Along with nine other politicians and leaders from around the globe, Aznar founded the Friends of Israel Initiative. People who sign their seven-point petition affirm Israel’s right to exist and defend herself, and commit to the following actions:

a) To combat the deligitimization of the State of Israel at home, abroad and inside the institutions of the international community.

b) To publicly show our solidarity with Israel’s democratic institutions – the legitimate expression of the Jewish people’s millennial aspiration to live in peace and freedom in its national homeland.

c) To support Israel’s inalienable right to secure borders unmolested by terrorists or tyrannical regimes so that its citizens can continue living with the same guarantees that our own societies enjoy.

d) To consistently and firmly oppose the prospect of a nuclear armed Iran.

e) To work to ensure that Israel is fully accepted as a normal Western country, an essential and indivisible part of the Western world to which we belong.

f) To reaffirm the value of the religious, moral, and cultural Judeo-Christian heritage as the main source of the liberal and democratic Western societies.

Author: David Kuner | July 9, 2010
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  • Edho
    March 2, 2012
    12:50 am

    May God give these young aivitcsts the strength till peace prevail in the Middle East. I stand up with them for speaking up against this bully and war criminal Netanyahu.

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  • Sandra
    July 22, 2010
    5:38 pm

    The friends of Israel have 7 beautiful actions toward Israel to commit to. I pray that many more national leaders will sign this 7 point action petition. It is truly moving. God bless all those who sign. May God’s face shine upon them.

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  • Dolores
    July 9, 2010
    4:08 pm

    God will bless you for your open suport of Israel.
    Israel is a small country, but a very brave one. God has said He will bless thoes who bless her and curse thoes who curse her.

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  • Jose
    July 9, 2010
    3:59 pm

    Bravo to José María Aznar for supporting Israel with his seven points. I also support Israel to have the right to exists a nation and have the possession of the Promised Land. I also agree with these seven points. The Lord blesses José María Aznar and all supporters of Israel. El Roi

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