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Hamas continues to harm

According to the Times of Israel, since Monday, “over 120 missiles have been fired into Israel, including more than 70 fired on Wednesday alone.”

But, as a poignant and personal article in the UK’s Telegraph notes, this, the latest in a never-ending series of rocket attacks on southern Israel, has barely made a scratch on international headlines, or on the agendas of world leaders. The loss of life and terror Hamas has caused has largely been ignored by those who do not live in daily fear of it.

A young Israeli’s home is destroyed by a Hamas rocket (Photo: Edi Israel).

Authors and respected heads of Israeli regional councils in southern Israel, Haim Yellin, Alon Shuster and Yair Farjun, write from experience on the matter:

Another week and another volley of deadly rockets have landed on our communities. As heads of the three Israeli regional councils which skirt the border with Gaza, the 130 rockets that were fired on our region over the last few days constitute a sad but all too familiar scenario. Imagine, rockets were falling on your family, your home, your community? Protecting our children from daily Hamas terror has sadly become our top priority.

The toll from this week’s attacks from Gaza includes several wounded civilians, injured when an apartment building was hit. Ominously, taking advantage of instability in Egypt and an increase in arms smuggling by terrorists in Sinai, rockets were launched from Sinai as well as neighbouring Gaza. The city of Ashqelon, home to 113,000 people, and the capital of the south, Beersheba, were a particular focus for the onslaught. Hamas, backed by Iran and the sole authority in Gaza, proudly took responsibility for many of these attacks on our civilian centres. But none of this is news. Our small region has been the target of 13,000 rockets fired from Gaza in a decade. More than one million Israelis are in range, living under a cloud of constant fear.

Read the entire article, Stop the Hamas rocket assaults on Israel, here.

Hamas’ violent rule preempts peace for everyone, and as it does, Israelis and Palestinians alike continue to live in fear, to suffer, and to lose their lives. The latest round of rocket attacks proves that yet again.

Author: Stand For Israel | June 22, 2012
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  • G
    October 14, 2012
    11:01 pm

    Do not put up with even one more act of terrorism upon your soil.Retaliate.That is all your evil enemy will understand,having no respect for the maturity of your self-control.

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  • Robert E.
    August 10, 2012
    9:14 pm

    The so-called “Palestinians” do not now have nor have such a “People” ever had possession of the land of Israel – they have merely taken the place, by Roman authority, of the Philistines – people of reknown in ancaient Biblical times when God gave the instructions to the Jews to wipe them all out because of their idolotrous worship and sacrificing of live babies – just as He hates those who do and encourage that kind of devil worship today. Neither the world nor the Iranian palestinians know what they are up against – which is their choice to deny Truth and follow eveil false teachings. It would seem obvious that after the history of the failures of any attackers against God’s people, that any future attack will, indeed, meet the same shameful fate. But rightly so because God upholds his word above all his names – meaning that what He has said is that which is to be and will be in spite of puny little minded men of the world who love to be self-deceived and deceivers, themselves. roberte

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  • jimmy
    June 24, 2012
    2:20 pm

    As recorded in the Holy Bible, once GOD brings His people, the JEWS, back into the Holy Land no power on this earth will ever force them out of there homeland which is Israel and the Holy City which is Jerusalem. GOD set the borders of the Jewesh Holy Land in Gensis chapter 15 verse 18.

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  • Norm
    June 23, 2012
    5:56 am

    Hamas is really Iran working under cover. From their statements in what they want to do with Israel, Israel needs to be active in destroying their Aggressive locations by drones. If this was the USA under attack, we would have acted way before now. It’s inevitable as to what must have to come.

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  • Mahmud
    June 22, 2012
    5:54 pm

    unnecessary panic, avenge, scare the common people of Israel and the world. Israel is the 6th powerful state in the world and nobody can make any harm other than some devil brains

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