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IDF Shoots Down Drone – But Where Did it Come From?


The IDF shot down a foreign drone this weekend, suspected to have come from Lebanon. Though they aren’t certain of its origin, officials have confirmed that it did not come from Hamas in Gaza – leaving Hezbollah as the prime suspect. It’s also speculated that Iran supplied Hezbollah with the drone.

From the Times of Israel:

After an initial investigation, military officials said the unmanned aerial vehicle, which was taken down north of Beersheba, did not come from the Gaza Strip, leading the army to consider the possibility that it originated in Lebanon. Hezbollah has flown drones into Israeli airspace a few times in the past, though not for several years.

IDF Spokesperson Yoav Mordechai said that the Israeli Air Force was able to identify the unmanned aerial vehicle while it was flying over the Mediterranean, and that the IAF stayed close to the drone throughout its flight over Israel until the decision was made to shoot it down in the northern Negev desert.

Nobody was hurt in the incident.

Author: Stand For Israel | October 8, 2012
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