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IDF soldier killed near Gaza

Netanel Moshiashvili

Sorrow in Israel:

An IDF soldier was shot dead early Friday morning in an exchange of fire with a Palestinian terrorist, who was also killed in the clash, near the Gaza border fence.

At 5 a.m. an armed gunman crossed into Israel from Gaza. He cut the fence and was able to infiltrate into Israel. He was detected by an IDF reconnaissance unit and a force from the Golani Brigade 12th Battalion arrived at the scene.

The soldier killed was 21-year-old Netanel Moshiashvili, from Ashkelon. Please, take a moment and say a prayer for his family and loved ones, that they may be comforted in their time of sorrow. And give thanks for the life and service of this young man who died while serving his country.

Author: Stand For Israel | June 1, 2012
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  • edgar
    June 2, 2012
    4:42 pm

    i pray that God protects and defends his people Israel may the Lord comfort his family and all those of the IDF

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  • Rima
    June 2, 2012
    8:19 am

    May they find peace and may they feel G-d’s presense
    May the memory of Netanel live in people’s hearts

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  • Starr
    June 1, 2012
    9:19 pm

    The tiny country Israel, trying to live in Peace with such cruel neighbors. Deep sympathy for his family, the jewish people, Israel, the Free World. Netanel has joined all the Righteous of The Ages.

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  • Patricia
    June 1, 2012
    10:27 am

    I pray that the family and relatives of Natanel Moshiashvili be comforted by the Lord in this their time of loss. I pray that God would bring them peace and hope even in grief. May the peace of God which passes all understanding be with them.

    Patricia Gonzalez

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  • Theresa
    June 1, 2012
    9:59 am

    My prayers have always been with and include Israel and I will hold the family,of Netanel, up in prayer. God bless you always.

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  • IXIE
    June 1, 2012
    8:28 am

    I am a Strong Christian widow and American citizen (70 years young) who HATES war, but I am thankful there are young people who are willing to give their lives for GOD’s chosen people who are trying to live the life GOD wants them to live in the land/country GOD gave to them in BIBLE days. These people who are giving them so much grief and sorror are in for a great deal more and for a much longer period. Only GOD’s chosen will make it into eternity with HIM.

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  • Marika
    June 1, 2012
    7:56 am

    I live in South Africa, but had the oppertunity to visit the amazing country Israel,My thoughts and prayers go out to family of the young soldier. I heard the news this afternoon on the radio.

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