Inside the IDF – 64 and going strong

Sixty-four years ago today, the Israeli government, under then-Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, put into effect the “Defense Army of the State of Israel” – the IDF.

Today from the IDFBlog:

The decision was officially put into effect on May 31, 1948. This date is the official founding date of the IDF and is celebrated each year.

The first IDF chief of staff was Lt. Gen. Yaakov Dori. Since 1948, there have been a total of 20 IDF chiefs of staff. Today, the position is held by Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz.

64 years after its establishment in 1948, the Israel Defense Forces remains ready to defend the country against all threats to the safety of its citizens.

Thank you, to all IDF soldiers – past, present, and future – for protecting Israel and her people!

Author: Stand For Israel | May 31, 2012
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