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Inside the IDF: Join the ranks

The IDF Blog has made it possible for you to get closer to being Inside the IDF than ever before… It’s called IDF Ranks, and it’s a virtual sharing “game”  that gets you involved in supporting Israel.

IDF Ranks promotes YOU for your activities around IDF-related material. Your every action — commenting, liking, sharing and even just visiting — rewards your efforts, as well as helps spread the truth about the Israeli army all over the world.

The idea is that sharing info from the IDF Blog will earn you points (+25 for Facebook shares, +30 for tweets, and +20 if you make a comment) and badges, which will in turn move you up the ranks – from Green Private (the starting rank) all the up to Lieutenant General (requires 1,000,000 points!).

We admit, it’s a little cheesy – but so was Farmville! We really like the idea of having a little fun and sharing info with friends, all while supporting the IDF. Check it out!


Author: Stand For Israel | July 12, 2012
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  • James
    July 15, 2012
    4:11 pm

    I have not found anything that answers the question posed in today’s newsletter subject: Time to Walk Away?

    Who walk away from what or whom?

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