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Jews in former Soviet Union to receive reparations

Former Soviet statesEighty thousand Holocaust victims from the former Soviet Union will receive compensation from Germany. This group is the last of the survivors to be provided reparations for the suffering they were subject to by the Nazi regime before and during World War II. The agreement comes  after decades of work by the Claims Conference, and on the 60th anniversary of the first reparations agreement between Israel and Germany.

The Times of Israel reports:

Former US Ambassador to the European Union Stuart Eizenstat, who serves as the Claims Conference’s Special Negotiator, hailed the agreement and praised Germany  for “its willingness, so long after World War II, and in such challenging economic times today, to acknowledge it’s still ongoing historic responsibility.”

Author: Stand For Israel | July 11, 2012
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  • scott
    July 13, 2012
    12:52 pm

    how could this have taken so long for so many who desperately needed help after the largest and most heinous attorcity ever comitted against human beings? why was this not part of germanys unconditional surrender and payment began immeadiatly?

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  • John R.
    July 12, 2012
    4:17 pm

    When are the Jewish people going to be compensated by the Soviet Union for what they did to the Jewish people during World War II in the Baltic States from 1940 to 1941 and then again in 1949. What I am referring to are the Mass Deportation of the Latvian Jewish in June 1941 and again in March 1949. Again when the Soviet Union nationalized the Jewish people’s property during its second occupation.

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  • daniel
    July 12, 2012
    1:48 pm

    I think thats great if they could hold up to it. I would add that they would send German troops to Isreal to help protect Isreals borders. troops like on both sides of the borders like dmz.and that they go bomb irans nuks.

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    July 11, 2012
    4:08 pm

    my parents escaped to russia when hitler invaded poland i was born in russsia in 1941 my father did not survive the war we never asked nor got any compensation PLEASE ADVISE

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