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Military deploys in Cairo as protesters defy curfew

More chaos in Egypt, as the government cracks down hard:

Egyptian military units deployed in the streets of Cairo on Friday, and protesters targeted offices of the ruling party, as massive crowds of anti-government demonstrators defied an overnight curfew.

In some parts of the capital, the protests appeared to grow more violent, and there were reports that demonstrators were attacking government buildings and a police station.

Author: David Kuner | January 28, 2011
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  • Dennis
    January 30, 2011
    7:02 pm


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  • call me Roy
    January 28, 2011
    7:30 pm

    This is all starting to feel queasily familiar. Flash back to about 1975 or so. Jimmy Carter makes nice with Trujillo and apologizes for US control of the Panama Canal before cutting it loose. Jimmy Carter praises Ceaucescu in Romania as a stable leader “we can do business with”. Jimmy Carter believes we can work with the Russian leaders, as we start unilaterally disarming our nuke arsenal. And Jimmy Carter snuggles up to the Chinese, giving them tours of our auto factories. With a Greek chorus of fate (and a few advisors stage right, chanting, “No, Jimmy, don’t do it! No Jimmy don’t do it.”
    Well he did it. It only took him two years of his dangerous liberal foreign policy to create a following two years of hell in 79 and 80. Whether you were 7 or 47, who could forget it? Gasoline lines. Hostages in Iran. Burning American flags. Russian divisions swarming into Afghanistan, “screw you USA!” 25% prime rates (do they teach this history in college?) We abandon the Shah, a friend, and get 30 years nonstop instability in the Middle East and suicidal terrorism still dogging us today. Was it really all that bad? Yes it was. Analogy to Obama? He’s 1000% worse! Why? Crazy Jimmy was confused about history. Barry Hussen Obuma is not only confused about protecting America but about his religion. God help us (not Allah), GOD. Why else would Barry going running over to the home of Billy Graham to “pray” with Billy and Franklin after the Pentagon Chaplain’s Office (at the Army’s request), contacted Graham to withdraw the invitation extended to him to be the main speaker at the Pentagon’s observance of the National Day of Prayer?
    The only thing Jimmy’s got going for himself now is that he is no longer considered the worst president in US history.

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