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Reporter Lara Logan Brings Ominous News from the Middle East

Lara Logan, CBS correspondent (Photo: Flickrr/ k-idea)

Lara Logan of CBS’ 60 Minutes recently delivered an address at the Chicago Better Government Association dinner. Logan is remembered by many for the violent sexual assault she suffered at the hands of the mob in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. This review of her address from the Chicago Sun-Times is chilling:

We have been lulled into believing that the perils are in the past: “You’re not listening to what the people who are fighting you say about this fight. In your arrogance, you think you write the script.”

Read the rest here.

Author: Stand For Israel | October 9, 2012
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  • Marilyn
    October 14, 2012
    10:13 am

    God Bless this young beautiful young lady, Lara, will pray for God to lift her up and keep her safe, need so many more like her. Keep up the good work, my child.

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  • Malcom
    October 10, 2012
    2:48 am

    How fast will the left media turn on their own??
    She is a hero to come out and say what she wanted. After that attack on her to stand up with her head high. Well Done I say.

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  • Michael
    October 9, 2012
    10:21 pm

    Lara, you should be our President. You’re braver, smarter, much more realistic than he is and…better looking!

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  • 1LTLos
    October 9, 2012
    4:13 pm

    a few well placed offensive nuclear devices in these hatefuilled regions and we will all be happier

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  • Cathy
    October 9, 2012
    3:21 pm

    I think Lara Logan is a hero & should be commended for her honesty. What a stark contrast to what we would normally get from a journalist.

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  • sandra
    October 9, 2012
    3:17 pm

    Lara is speaking the truth. They (referring to the radical muslims) do hate us more than ever. This will not change until a new generation of them comes to and is taught differently. They must be taught peace instead of hatred. Until such time arises there will be continued conflict and strife. With God’s powerful hand hopefully, peace can be established. It will occur once the Lord steps in.

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    October 9, 2012
    3:05 pm

    She is telling the truth which is more than the so called news media that spreads the Obama lies about Benghazi.While he also claims the Taliban are no longer a major threat!

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  • al
    October 9, 2012
    2:43 pm

    A brave and tough reporter. Even after being sexually molested by the savages that your president ( he will never be mine) she still shoots from the hip. If anyone should know the truth of America’s d

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  • Nancy
    October 9, 2012
    2:09 pm

    This young lady has a lot of courage to stand up and tell things as they are without the normal “politically correct” bias of the press. Wish our government were listening!

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  • G L
    October 9, 2012
    1:01 pm

    LARA keeps speaking like this and CBS will likely put an end to this. Perhaps she can do some research into the mosques here in USA ALSO.

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  • judy
    October 9, 2012
    12:07 pm

    That is one corageous girl! And she is right. I don not know what is wrong with people here in America, but they all seem absolutely blind to the tuth. Of course our pr-Muslim goveernment are partially to blame, but people use your heads, use your eyes. I know you don’t want to believe these things are true, but they are and until we face that fact we are doomed!

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