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Terrorists linked to al-Qaeda arrested in Spain

Spanish police (Photo: Flickr/ Oscar in the middle)

Today, Reuters (via JPost) reported:

Three people linked to al-Qaida have been arrested in the south of Spain, one in possession of explosives they planned to use in attacks in either the Iberian country or other European nations, Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz said on Thursday.

The article’s subtitle, “Men discovered in possession of ‘enough explosives to blow up a bus,’ suspected of planning attacks around Europe,” aptly describes the severity of the situation.

And, although there was no specific target mentioned for the attacks, we know that Jews are a favorite mark for Islamic terrorists. This incident reminds us that, while maintaining safety in Israel is critical, there is also a pressing need to secure Jewish institutions abroad — a need that The Fellowship is working to address.


Author: Stand For Israel | August 2, 2012
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