The America of the Arab Street

Ed Husain of the Council on Foreign Relations, writing in the New York Times, explains that Arab and Muslim societies have been manipulated by distortions, outright lies, and religious fervor.

There is much to disagree with in the article – for example, his contention that the U.S. would be more popular if the same Arab street he claims is ignorant and misled saw us as a “fair arbitrator in the Arab-Israeli conflict” is tripe – but his point is well taken and worth a read.

Author: Stand For Israel | September 21, 2012
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  • Paul
    October 18, 2012
    3:38 pm

    I am Cherokee Indian and I stand with Israel through thick and thin.
    Thank You All and may God Bless.
    Horse legs is my Indian name.

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  • juan
    September 23, 2012
    2:23 pm

    Nuke time

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    September 23, 2012
    2:43 am


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  • Aliza
    September 22, 2012
    10:33 am

    The Muslims are always go to extreme and on top of it liers. Don’t count on Obama to help Israel because he is a muslim himself and that’s why he is frustrated when Benjamin Nathaniahu come to Washington to talk about peace in Israel,and Mr.Nathaniahu doesn’t do everything Obama wwants him to do.

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  • Betty
    September 22, 2012
    9:03 am

    I agree with Valerie, Dusty and Ernest. And we
    who know Christ need to be praying for them daily,besides praying for the Israelis.

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  • Martha
    September 21, 2012
    11:00 pm

    Jesus says to pray for your enemies. I pray for the muslims every night that one day they will see Jesus for who HE really is. I feel for them right now, tho. They do not believe that Jesus is God’s son. Jesus also says that if any man denies Him before men, HE will deny that man before the Father, So, on Judgement Day, the muslims will be standing before God and will be getting their just due.

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  • Dusty
    September 21, 2012
    2:41 pm

    Definitely a DEEP need for Christ!

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  • Valerie
    September 21, 2012
    2:14 pm

    The need for Jesus is overwhelming, but the Prince of the world today is being allowed to run wild. This will end when Christ reveals himself, and judges the people on Earth.I pray for that day to com

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  • John
    September 21, 2012
    2:05 pm

    I still contend that our Govt & our President is acting shamefully in not supporting Israel in these turbulent times. The so called Arab St. practices Anti-semitism .

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    • Carrie
      September 21, 2012
      5:15 pm

      I agree with John, but we have to remember the president is a muslim and he hates our brothers and sisters in Israel. We must pray to get him out of office. Ernest we all need (Yeshua) Jesus, but remember the Islams come from Hagar’s son Ishmael who’s name means “his hand is against all his brothers”. The muslims do not know what “peace” is. You cannot have peace and be filled with hatred. A good tree bears good fruit, a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. I pray for the “good” to rise up in America to finally take a “Stand” and I pray for “peace” for Israel and for the IDF soldiers,their families, their land!! May G-d protect and cover all of us!

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  • Ernest
    September 21, 2012
    1:23 pm

    The followers of Islam need Christ Jesus!!!

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    • Chantal
      September 21, 2012
      3:47 pm

      Sorry that I have to tell you this but you don’t understand the nature of islam. If Jesus were to come back, muslims would butcher him first chance they’d get. To muslims, there is only islam, every other religion must submit to it or perish by the hands of said muslims. Don’t look islam through the glasses of Christian values, for islam has its own values and they are twisted. Islam means domination through violence, period.

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