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Time runs out for the people of Syria

Photo: Hamad I Mohammed / Reuters

“The sand in the hourglass ran out yesterday for more than 200 Syrian civilians in the village of Tremseh, near Hama. Hama is where Assad’s father — who was ideologically committed to slaughters that took care of things all at once — killed 20,000 people 30 years ago.”

Read more of Jeffery Goldberg’s commentary in The Atlantic.

Author: Stand For Israel | July 13, 2012
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  • Aliza
    July 15, 2012
    11:59 am

    Regardless of how many people get killed. It can be one, or ten, you don’t kill your people. Look what’s happened in Egypt, and Iran. Insteat of been civilian, They Arabs torture one another.

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  • mike
    July 15, 2012
    10:43 am

    ..Wicked sons as KINGS make sure destruction of GODLY Principles and innocent people. the heart of man is truly wild and evil. may GOD forgive man!!Assad needs to meet the real God of LOVE_YASHUA!!

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  • Margaret
    July 13, 2012
    9:49 pm

    20 or 200 – it is ALL WRONG and not God’s will for any of His children, irregardless of race, colour or creed! They all need prayers! Amen

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  • mohd ariff
    July 13, 2012
    9:18 pm

    Why do people behaving as such in their life???
    Something is missing, they don’t have blessing as where don’t know where to go.
    We need to believe in Allah(God) as all the
    guidance is with Allah.

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  • ADAM
    July 13, 2012
    3:01 pm

    lets replace the despots with Islamic Brotherhood and watch the Muslims kill or cause the slaughter of millions or more. G-d is Love not War or condones killing.

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  • jeb
    July 13, 2012
    11:47 am

    I much appreciate the intent of this publication but please check your facts. The figure of 200 civilians killed recently may be as low as 20. I have yet to find a source that will “confirm” the figures, in fact all the sources on the net I have receieved have made it known they unconfirmed reports. A lot of the figures and the jumble is coming from skewed media following the Muslim Brotherhood leader and while I am no fan of Assad’s I am certain the opposition does not consist of chrubs and some cells are more malevolent even than Assad.

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