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Watching Egypt burn — from Israel

An interesting commentary by Benjamin Kerstein on the Israeli perspective on events in Egypt:

At the moment, most Israeli commentators are considering the nightmare scenarios. This is understandable. Pessimism is always the smartest attitude to take in the Middle East, and previous revolutions in the Arab world have tended to have rather nasty outcomes for Israel. Ever since the Yom Kippur war in 1973, Israel’s leaders have tried to err on the side of the worst case scenario. In this case, that would be the takeover of Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood or a coalition of radical Islamic parties. Such a government might well abrogate the 1978 peace treaty, removing a cornerstone of regional stability and of Israeli defense strategy. Another war, much worse than anything since 1973, might follow. Even worse, a domino effect could follow, leaving Israel essentially alone against a Middle East that has been given over entirely to the totalitarian fantasies of radical Islam.

A secular, even democratic government, however, could present its own problems. It could prove to be equally hostile to Israel, given the massive popular sentiment against the Jewish state on the Arab street. It could also take a far more active role in pressuring Israel on behalf of the Palestinians, in whom Mubarak was always largely uninterested. Where Mubarak merely made gestures toward solidarity with the Palestinians, a new secular government could well make the issue one of its primary concerns; if only to shore up its legitimacy at home and in the Arab world at large.

Read the whole thing.

Author: David Kuner | February 1, 2011
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  • Lisa
    February 4, 2011
    12:15 pm

    History tells us, the muslims do not want peace with Israel. Pray for the protection of Israel!!!!

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    • christina
      February 6, 2011
      9:07 am

      hi there i pray for God to protect Isreal and for Gods plans to sucseed not the enemeies i beleive God will protect His people and HE will restore the years the locusts have eaten no weapon forged against Isreal will prevail God is bigger then anything and as God said to Abraham i will bless those who bless you and i will curse thoase who curse you so to the people of Isreal stand strong for if God is for us who can stand against us be blessed greatly chrissy

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  • Kimo
    February 1, 2011
    10:07 am

    The mucslim brotherhood is ionvoilved in this as i understand it. This ,as I understand it, as usual, has different purpose, any of you believe the muslims want de3mocracy?? what a joke. What is behind this is the Suez cannal, and territorry for islam. We WILL end up in a fight with them here in the USA. I appologise for our so called president, he is not my president, nor does he share the views of the majority of Americans. Fot as long as I breath i will stand by Isrieal. I asm an old vet, and a Patriot.

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  • gayle
    February 1, 2011
    9:28 am

    Psalms and Isaiah both fortold this. Israel will call on the true God and survive.

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    • gayle
      February 1, 2011
      9:31 am

      There is only one true God He is the Jehovah of the Old testament, the same Jesus in the new Testament only in flesh. He will save His people when they call on Him.

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      • Diane
        February 1, 2011
        11:16 am

        AMen! and AMEN! Gail…hope you are’s the timing of the thing..I think about when they call on God :-)

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