“Tykes of Terror,” a Gaza Summer Camp

Gaza’s at it again.

Hamas has a history of “educating” its youth in the ways of war. First it was new school curriculum, then a chilling graduation ceremony for kindergartners, and finally a jihadist military academy for children as young as age 12 (the academy includes a Bachelor degree program!). Now it’s summer in the Strip, and camp is in session.

According to YNet, this year’s Islamic jihad summer camp for kids ages 6 to 16 includes shooting practice (with AK-47s), fire jumping, and even a “kidnap the Israeli” simulation. The images taken of the camp are astounding. Young and frightened-looking children run through an obstacle course of explosions to the sound of rapid fired charges, and the guns they hold are nearly as tall as the boys themselves.

We really wonder how Israel will be able to make peace with the Palestinians, as future generations are being bred on violence, and current leaders are the ones teaching them to hate.

You can see photos of the camp here.

Photo: IDF

Photo: IDF

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Thursday, June 13th, 2013 at 2:03 PM  | Stand For Israel

Same As the Old Way

Photo: Wikipedia/ Trango

Photo: Wikipedia/ Trango

You could be forgiven for not noticing that Hamas held its leadership elections late last week. The results weren’t particularly surprising – Khaled Mashaal was reelected as the head of Hamas (even though he splits his time between Damascus, Qatar, and Egypt) and Ismail Haniyeh, the de facto head of Gaza, was elected as the #2. Mashaal had previously indicated that he was going to stand down but, apparently, thought better of it. Haniyeh’s new #2 ranking is new but an unsurprising nod to the centrality of Gaza to the Hamas mission.

Then, yesterday, in response to a rocket fired from Gaza, the Israeli Air Force rocketed targets in Gaza for the first time since Operation Pillar of Defense at the end of 2012.

In case there was any doubt (there shouldn’t have been), Hamas’ election does not represent a change in the group’s ideology or methodology. Hamas was an unrepentant, anti-Semitic terror organization. They continue to be. The rocket fire from Gaza that disrupts Israeli lives and puts the government of the Jewish state between the rock of having its civilians under fire and the hard place of risking international condemnation continues to be Hamas’ strategy of choice in its pointless, fruitless war against the Jews.

And the West and international bodies continue to take no notice until Israel, with her back to the wall, acts with strength and resolve in her own self-defense.

So the Hamas election headline could read “Hamas Elections: New Way Same As the Old Way.”


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Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013 at 9:08 AM  | Stand For Israel

The Misplaced Faith in Abbas

Photo: Flickr/ World Economic Forum

Photo: Flickr/ World Economic Forum

Seth Mandel, writing at Commentary, notes that the fundamental problem in the so-called peace process continues to be on the Palestinian side – though Mandel doesn’t lay the whole blame at the usual suspect of Palestinians rejectionism. Instead, Mandel argues that Arafat, who could have enforced peace, chose war instead. Abbas, who might not have been able to enforce it, didn’t have the courage to take the chance. And Abbas’ only successor is Hamas which will never make peace.

Abbas’s health is failing, Birnbaum reports, though it’s unclear how quickly. And Fatah is a mess. And Hamas is willing to let the Jews live on the condition they go back to Germany. And yet it is unclear why this is such a compelling case to sign a deal with Abbas. He appears to represent virtually no one, which means there is no one to uphold any deal after Abbas. What could such an agreement be worth, even if miraculously signed?

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Tuesday, March 12th, 2013 at 8:29 AM  | Stand For Israel

Houses Demolished, Outcry Missing

Palestinian Legislative Council, Ramallah (Photo: Wikipedia/ Lockesdonkey)

Palestinian Legislative Council, Ramallah (Photo: Wikipedia/ Lockesdonkey)

When Israel demolishes Palestinian homes that have been illegally built or that have been co-opted for terrorist use, there is international outcry. Elliott Abrams, writing at the Council on Foreign Relations, notes that, when the Hamas terrorists who run the Gaza Strip do it – and do it without any judicial oversight – there is … silence.

The government of Israel sometimes demolishes homes, saying that they were illegally built on public land. And of course, it is a member state of the United Nations, not a terrorist group. But when it does, one can expect various governments to condemn the action and can expect action in the UN Human Rights Council, perhaps even a debate in the UN General Assembly or Security Council in New York.

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Thursday, February 14th, 2013 at 10:08 AM  | Stand For Israel

Israel Punished in Survey of Press Freedom for Targeting Hamas

Seth Mandel, writing at Commentary, notes that Israel is under attack for limiting freedom of the press – a liberty that Israel takes very seriously – because it targeted Hamas terrorists who called themselves journalists. Pretending to work for the media is, in fact, a convenient cover for Hamas operatives to try to avoid being targeted by Israel.

Israel was of course not targeting journalists; Israel was targeting terrorists aided by gullible and biased journalists. But since Hamas started the fighting with rocket attacks, fired at Israeli residential areas, and dressed up terrorists as journalists to attract Israeli fire, surely the Palestinian territories were punished by Reporters Without Borders as well? Nope: the Palestinians’ ranking  jumps ahead seven spots.

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Thursday, January 31st, 2013 at 9:13 AM  | Stand For Israel

Hamas to Establish Military Academy for Gaza Children

Photo: Wikipedia/ Thephotostrand

We’ve written about this issue in the past (herehere, and most recently here), but Hamas’ efforts to rear child terrorists never cease to amaze us.

Yesterday, JPost reported the disturbing news that Hamas plans to establish a military academy for school-aged children. Kids as young as 12 will be able to enter the academy to study state-sponsored terrorism, and ultimately get a Bachelor’s degree for their efforts!

The announcement was made by Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh during an equally disturbing, militaristic ceremony celebrating the birth of the Muslim prophet Mohamed. According to JPost, Haniyeh said that the “new military academy, the first of its kind in the Gaza Strip, would prepare the children for the ‘phase of liberating Palestine’.”



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Friday, January 25th, 2013 at 2:26 PM  | Stand For Israel

A New Thaw Between Hamas and Fatah?

While much of the news is being made by Europe’s ongoing overreaction to a local zoning issue on the outskirts of Jerusalem, and by the news that forces loyal to Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad have fitted chemical weapons onto warheads, the story that may have the lasting impact on the Middle East began playing out yesterday with relatively little fanfare.

As we’re reporting in this morning’s SFI Daily Dispatch, there is fresh evidence of a rapprochement between Fatah (the faction that runs the Palestinian Authority and governs the West Bank) and Hamas (the terrorist organization that runs Gaza). For a variety of reasons, these two factions hate each other and have spent the better part of the last two decades killing and torturing each other’s activists. The position of Israel and the United States is that Hamas is a genocidal terrorist organization and that neither country will negotiate with them. Fatah, the parent organization of, among other terror groups, the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, is only slightly better than Hamas but is accorded a different status by the international community and, since the onset of the Oslo Accords in the early 1990s, by Israel. (more…)

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Monday, December 10th, 2012 at 10:21 AM  | Stand For Israel
"informing, equipping and mobilizing individuals and churches to support the
State of Israel"

Rabbi's Commentary
The Heartbreaking Reality
in Southern Israel

Yesterday I traveled to southern Israel to stand in solidarity with communities that are getting the brunt of the rocket fire…

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