Netanyahu’s Adviser Pens Letter to New York Times

President Netanyahu and Ambassador Dermer (Photo: GPO)

President Netanyahu and Ambassador Dermer (Photo: GPO)

The New York Times has often voiced opinions that have been negative towards Israel. Recently, the Times requested that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu write an op-ed to be featured in the paper. Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. and adviser to the PM, Ron Dermer, penned the following in response to the request:

I received your email requesting that Prime Minister Netanyahu submit an op-ed to the New York Times.  Unfortunately, we must respectfully decline.

On matters relating to Israel, the op-ed page of the “paper of record” has failed to heed the late Senator Moynihan’s admonition that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but that no one is entitled to their own facts.

A case in point was your decision last May to publish the following bit of historical revision by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas:

It is important to note that the last time the question of Palestinian statehood took center stage at the General Assembly, the question posed to the international community was whether our homeland should be partitioned into two states. In November 1947, the General Assembly made its recommendation and answered in the affirmative.  Shortly thereafter, Zionist forces expelled Palestinian Arabs to ensure a decisive Jewish majority in the future state of Israel, and Arab armies intervened. War and further expulsions ensued.

This paragraph effectively turns on its head an event within living memory in which the Palestinians rejected the UN partition plan accepted by the Jews and then joined five Arab states in launching a war to annihilate the embryonic Jewish state …
The opinions of some of your regular columnists regarding Israel are well known.   They consistently distort the positions of our government and ignore the steps it has taken to advance peace.   They cavalierly defame our country by suggesting that marginal phenomena condemned by Prime Minister Netanyahu and virtually every Israeli official somehow reflects government policy or Israeli society as a whole.  Worse, one columnist even…

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Friday, January 30th, 2015 at 11:35 AM  | Stand For Israel

What the Jewish State Is All About

(Photo: twitter/IsraeliPM)

(Photo: twitter/IsraeliPM)

On Tuesday, we remembered the millions who died during the Holocaust. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave his International Holocaust Remembrance Day address at Yad Vashem – Israel’s memorial to the Holocaust victims – stating that the Jewish state will continue to ensure the safety of the Jewish people:

My responsibility as Prime Minister of Israel is to ensure that the State of Israel will never again be threatened with destruction. My responsibility is to see to it that there will not be a reason to build additional memorial sites such as Yad Vashem.

The pending agreement with Iran is an agreement that endangers the State of Israel. It leaves Iran with the capabilities that will allow it to arm itself with nuclear weapons, one bomb at first and afterwards many atomic bombs. We cannot live with such an agreement; therefore, we oppose it. Even those who try to challenge us within our borders will discover that we are ready to respond with force. Israel views with utmost gravity the attack against it from Syrian territory. Those who play with fire will get burned.

Preserving the memory of the Holocaust is more important today than ever before.

We live in an age of resurgent and violent anti-Semitism, and commemorations like this ceremony remind us where humanity’s oldest and most enduring hatred can lead.

Many thought that after the horrors of the Holocaust, anti-Semitism would finally contract and disappear.

That has not happened.

Hatred of the Jews appeared to take a brief respite after World War II for a few decades.

It has now returned in full force.

Once again in Europe and elsewhere, Jews are being slandered, vilified and targeted just for being Jews.

This is taking place in the intolerant Middle East and in the very heart of the liberal and tolerant West.

It’s taking place in Tehran and Paris, in Gaza and Brussels. Around the world, Jewish communities are increasingly living in fear.

But it’s not just the Jewish people that is being slandered, vilified and targeted. It’s the Jewish state as well.

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Thursday, January 29th, 2015 at 10:46 AM  | Stand For Israel

Netanyahu at Paris Memorial: “Radical Islam Is an Enemy to Us All”

(Photo: twitter/israelipm)

(Photo: twitter/israelipm)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu traveled to France this weekend to take part in the unity march in Paris, attend a service at the city’s Great Synagogue, and speak on the terror attack at a kosher market that left for Jews dead:

“Radical Islam is an enemy to us all,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday night at a memorial service held in Paris for the four victims of an attack on a kosher supermarket in eastern Paris on Friday – Yoav Hattab, Yohan Cohen, Philippe Braham and Francois-Michel Saada.

“Today we bow our heads in memory of the victims, as the representatives of a proud nation we stand tall facing evil,” Netanyahu said, choosing to speak in Hebrew, as his address was simultaneously translated into French.

“But the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and the more they spread abroad,” he said, quoting from Exodus 1:12, “because justice and truth are with us.”

“Here’s the truth: Radical Islam is an enemy to us all. This enemy has many names – Islamic State, Hamas, Boko Haram, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, al-Shabaab, Hezbollah – but they’re all branches of the same poisonous tree,” he added.

“Even though the factions of radical Islam are fighting amongst themselves, they all want to impose a dark tyranny on the world, to take humanity 1,000 years back. They murder anyone who disagrees with them, especially their Muslim brothers, but their greatest hatred is for Western culture that reveres freedom,” Netanyahu continued.

Netanyahu warned that “those who slaughtered the Jews in the synagogue in Jerusalem and those who slaughtered Jews and journalists in Paris belong to the same murderous terror organization.”

Despite that, he said, “we’re on our way to victory. I promise you – Israel will continue fighting terrorism. Israel will continue defending itself. And we know that when we are defending ourselves, we’re defending the entire cultural world.”

He thanked Lassana Bathily, a Muslim worker at the Hyper Cacher supermarket who saved the lives of six people by hiding them in the store’s…

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Monday, January 12th, 2015 at 8:51 AM  | Stand For Israel

Netanyahu: Radical Islam Knows No Boundaries

The terrorist attack on the French newspaper which left 12 dead pulled the Western world even farther into the reality Israel has long faced – that of radical Islam and its followers attacking freedom and those who hold it dear. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke in the wake of the horrific incident, sending the condolences of Israel and asserting the need to fight terror:

“The people of Israel send their condolences to the people of France over the brutal acts of savagery in the heart of Paris today,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday, following the terrorist attack at the Charlie Hebdo offices in central Paris in which 12 people were killed. “The attacks of radical Islam know no boundaries — these are international attacks and the response has to be international. The terrorists want to destroy our freedoms and our civilization.

“And therefore, all the free countries and all the civilized societies have to band together to fight this scourge. And if we stand together and if we are not divided, then we can defeat this tyranny that seeks to extinguish all our freedoms. I wish once again to express the sympathy that all the citizens of Israel feel for the people of France and for the grieving families.

“We are experiencing these attacks time and again, we know the pain but we also know the resolution with which free societies can defeat terror — however dreadful, however threatening.”


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Thursday, January 8th, 2015 at 9:20 AM  | Stand For Israel

Netanyahu: Hamas and PA Attacking Israel on Two Fronts

(Photo: twitter/IsraeliPM)

(Photo: twitter/IsraeliPM)

In today’s Daily Dispatch, we note that Hamas has again been testing its rockets. And the Palestinian Authority (P.A.) continues to make moves for statehood and for Israel’s withdrawal from the West Bank and Jerusalem. The Times of Israel reports that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has spoken out against these actions, saying that Hamas and the P.A. are attacking Israel on two fronts:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lumped together unilateral diplomatic moves by the Palestinian Authority and rocket fire from Gaza terror groups Sunday, saying they added up to Israel being attacked simultaneously on two fronts …

The prime minister also accused the PA of attempting to undermine Israel’s very existence, and asserted that Ramallah hoped to deprive the Jewish state of the ability to ensure its own security …

“Israel is being attacked simultaneously on two fronts,” Netanyahu said during a Hanukkah candle lighting with soldiers at an army base Sunday night.

“It is attacked by the terrorism of Hamas and other terrorist organizations, and is also subject to the diplomatic offensive led by the Palestinian Authority, which is intended to strip us of our right to defend ourselves and directed at eliminating the legitimacy of our existence,” he said.

Israel, the prime minister said, was pushing back on both fronts.

Netanyahu’s comments came two days after a rocket was fired into southern Israel from the Gaza Strip, landing in an open area and causing no damage. The Israeli air force later responded to the attack, hitting a Hamas factory that was producing cement to rebuild the terror tunnels destroyed and damaged in last summer’s war, according to Israeli officials.

The cross-border fire was the first serious exchange since Israel and Hamas agreed to a ceasefire in late August, ending a bloody 50-day war.

Addressing the Palestinians’ diplomatic bid, Netanyahu called the conditions set forth in the UN Security Council draft resolution “unacceptable.”

“We expect those responsible from the international community to reject the bid, but in any case, we will oppose it and obviously we will not follow any…

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Monday, December 22nd, 2014 at 7:46 AM  | Stand For Israel

Israelis Turn Right

(Photo: Haim Zach/GPO/ASHERNET)

(Photo: Haim Zach/GPO/ASHERNET)

Two years before serving out a full four-year term, the 19th Knesset – Israel’s parliament – will be dissolved, and Israelis will head to the polls to vote in a new election. The feeling on the streets here in Israel is one of frustration with our leaders’ abilities to lead.

Polls conducted over the last few days show that if elections were held now, right-wing parties would be the big winners. Netanyahu would remain prime minister. The only change in the Knesset would be a cabinet occupied by right-wing ministers, as opposed to the more left-leaning politicians currently sitting in the government.

What the polls also show is that most Israelis believe peace talks with the Palestinians will be fruitless. In his address to the Arab League just a few days ago, Palestinian Authority (P.A.) President Mahmoud Abbas declared his intent to seek statehood unilaterally unless Israel concedes to a list of his demands, which would leave the Jewish state utterly defenseless.

And while the world huddles around Abbas – as we are seeing in Europe where recognition of a Palestinian state is gaining speed – Israelis are hunkering down. We understand that, at least for the foreseeable future, there are no solutions to our security issues, and that our conflict with the Palestinians is not going away any time soon.

As the P.A. begins to seek statehood outside of negotiations, Israelis are set to elect a government less likely to succumb to international demands of concessions for a return to negotiations. Israel is no longer willing to pretend that pursuing peace through negotiations was ever the Palestinians’ intention.

- Ami Farkas

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Friday, December 5th, 2014 at 8:34 AM  | Stand For Israel

Netanyahu’s Youngest Son Begins IDF Service

(Photo: Kobi Gideon/GPO/ASHERNET)

(Photo: Kobi Gideon/GPO/ASHERNET)

In Israel, all young people are required to serve in the military. That includes offspring of those in the highest reaches of the Israeli government. The Jerusalem Post reports that today, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s youngest son, Avner, began his service with the IDF:

You’re in the army now! Avner Netanyahu, the youngest son of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, began his three-year mandatory army service on Monday, enlisting in the IDF’s Combat Intelligence Collection Corps.

Like every soldier on the first day of service, Avner, accompanied by his famous parents, arrived at Jerusalem’s Ammunition Hill.

“Like any parents sending their child off to the army,” Netanyahu said, “we are excited to see our son” begin his army service.

He and his wife Sara were “full of pride” at the milestone of their son, and like “every home in Israel, we are no different.”

Netanyahu told his son to protect the country and protect himself, the proud father told reporters.

In a personal note to other soldiers drafted that day, he wished them success and reassured other parents that “everything will be OK.”

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Monday, December 1st, 2014 at 9:56 AM  | Stand For Israel

Netanyahu: I Want to See Outrage

(Photo: twitter/IsraeliPM)

(Photo: twitter/IsraeliPM)

Yesterday, we reported on some of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s remarks in the wake of the terror attack on a Jerusalem synagogue that left five dead and more wounded. Today, we provide you with the his entire speech, which not only calls for an end to the Palestinian incitement that fuels such attacks, but for international outrage and condemnation of such evil:

We are in the midst of a terrorist assault focused on Jerusalem. Today, during morning prayers, as they were wrapped in prayer shawls and tefillin, four rabbis were slaughtered, four innocent and pure Jews – Rabbi Avraham Goldberg, Rabbi Aryeh KupinskyRabbi Kalman Ze’ev Levine and Rabbi Moshe Twersky. May their memories be blessed.

We send our condolences to their families. We send our best wishes for a recovery to the wounded and to the heroic policemen whose action prevented a greater disaster. The human animals who perpetrated this slaughter were full of hatred and incitement, deep hatred and terrible incitement against the Jewish People and its state. Hamas, the Islamic Movement and the Palestinian Authority are disseminating countless lies and falsehoods against the State of Israel. They are saying that the Jews are contaminating the Temple Mount. They are saying that we are planning to destroy the Holy Places, that we intend to change the order of prayer there – this is all lies. These lies have already claimed a very heavy price. They took the life of a three-month-old baby, Chaya Zissel Braun, who had been taken for her first visit to the Western Wall, along with her parents, who wanted to thank G-d for giving them a baby. They also claimed the lives of Karen Jemima Mosquera, Jidan Assad, Aharon Badani, Sgt. Almog Shilony and Dalia Lemkus. All of them were pure souls. All of them were victims of this mendacious incitement. Today they…

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Wednesday, November 19th, 2014 at 8:36 AM  | Stand For Israel

Netanyahu: “We Are at the Height of a Terror Campaign”

(Photo: ASHERNET/GPO/Haim Zach)

(Photo: ASHERNET/GPO/Haim Zach)

In the wake of today’s terror attack on a Jerusalem synagogue, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke out against the violence, hatred, and incitement plaguing the Holy Land:

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke on Tuesday night in response to the shocking terrorist attack on a Jerusalem synagogue in the Har Nof neighborhood that morning.

“We are at the height of a terror campaign focused on Jerusalem. In the middle of shacharit (morning) prayers four innocent and pure Jews were murdered. We send condolences to the families and wishes of recovery to the wounded, among them heroic police officers who prevented a heavy tragedy.”

Relating to the terrorists, Netanyahu said “The human animals who perpetrated this slaughter were full of hatred and incitement, deep hatred and terrible incitement against the Jewish People and its state.

“Hamas, the Islamic Movement and the Palestinian Authority are disseminating countless lies and falsehoods against the State of Israel. They are saying that the Jews are contaminating the Temple Mount. They are saying that we are planning to destroy the Holy Places, that we intend to change the order of prayer there – this is all lies. These lies have already claimed a very heavy price.”

Referring to Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, Netanyahu noted his office may have condemned the attack, “but that isn’t enough, because at the end of the same sentence he connected the event to imaginary acts that have no basis that he claims Israel is conducting on the Temple Mount.”

“I call on all leaders of the countries of the civilized world: I want to see an uncompromising condemnation of these murders of Israelis and Jews,” said Netanyahu.

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Tuesday, November 18th, 2014 at 3:09 PM  | Stand for Israel

Netanyahu: “They Try to Rewrite History”

(Photo: twitter/IsraeliPM)

(Photo: twitter/IsraeliPM)

Earlier this week, at a memorial for Yitzhak Rabin, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered an impassioned speech for these difficult times, saying that the Jewish state’s hateful enemies are trying to rewrite history, but that Jerusalem was, is, and always will be the unified Holy City for the people of Israel:

The murder of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin is a low point in the history of our people, a despicable and contemptible act that threatened to drag us into the depths of self-destruction. It is a personal tragedy for a special individual; it is a family tragedy; and it is a national tragedy. It is also a danger to Israeli democracy, and we must remain vigilant at all times.

Disagreements and differences of opinion, even when substantial and sharp, have and will always exist. There is no democracy without real debate, which can be fiery and profound at times, but under one condition: That the boundaries of the argument are maintained, that freedom of expression is not abused and that no one ever rises against their fellows to kill them. Even with disagreement, and I would say especially when there is disagreement, the unity of the people around fundamental ideas – this unity is an unparalleled asset. We witnessed unity this past summer during the days of fighting against our enemies. We saw how important it is and how much strength it gives us, and we need that same unity now in order to confront challenges both domestic and foreign with determination and success.

If there is one idea around which we have all united for hundreds and thousands of years, it is Jerusalem. Jerusalem is different than most world capitals: It is not just a capital city, it is our heart and soul and it is the foundation for our existence as a sovereign nation. Ten days before his murder, at an event marking 3,000 years of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Yitzhak Rabin said, “In Israel there is…

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Friday, November 7th, 2014 at 9:03 AM  | Stand For Israel

"informing, equipping and mobilizing individuals and churches to support the
State of Israel"

Rabbi’s Commentary
Even in Israel?

This week’s Hezbollah attack that killed two Israeli soldiers is just the latest violence against Israel. That it happened a day after International Holocaust Remembrance Day underscored that the Jewish people – and those who support them – must not only remember the past, but also work toward the future…

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