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Tensions High in Northern Israel After Syrian Rockets Strike Galilee

(Photo: flickr/IDF)

(Photo: flickr/IDF)

As we reported yesterday, rockets fired from Syria into northern Israel resulted in a response by the IDF. Israel Hayom reports that the rockets were fired by Islamic Jihad, with the backing of Iran, and were the first time in over 40 years that rockets have been fired from Syria into Galilee:

For the first time since the Yom Kippur War in 1973, rockets fired from Syria on Thursday struck the Galilee region in northern Israel. In response, the Israeli military targeted more than a dozen Syrian military posts in the border area with airstrikes and artillery fire.

Around 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, a barrage of four rockets was fired at Israel from Syria. Local residents scrambled for cover as warning sirens sounded in the northern Israeli communities of Gonen, Kfar Blum, Kfar Szold, Neot Mordechai, Amir, Shamir, Lehavot Habashan and Sde Nehemia. All of the rockets exploded in open areas — two in the Galilee and two in the Golan Heights. No injuries or damage were reported. Firefighters quickly put out several small blazes that were sparked by the explosions.

Israel blamed the Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad terrorist group for the rocket fire. Islamic Jihad denied the allegation…

An IDF official said Thursday that commanders from Iran’s Quds Force had orchestrated the rocket fire.

“The attack was a clearly intentional one,” the official said. “For us this is a clear act of aggression meant by the Iranians to use the chaos in Syria to escalate tensions in the region.”

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Friday, August 21st, 2015 at 8:21 AM  | Stand for Israel

Four Rockets Fired from Syria Land in Northern Israel



As we noted last week, the IDF has been on alert for threats to Israel’s north. The Times of Israel reports that four rockets were just fired from Syria into northern Israel:

Four rockets landed in northern Israel Thursday afternoon after being shot from Syria, sparking a fire but causing no injuries.

The rockets landed in the northern Galilee and Golan Heights, the Israeli military said in a statement.

Sirens sounded in several communities around Israel’s north at about 5:45 p.m.

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Rockets Fired at Israel



In yet another attack on Israel, two rockets were fired from Gaza this morning. The Times of Israel reports that one rocket landed inside Israeli territory, while the other landed in Gaza:

A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel Friday afternoon landed in open territory north of the Kissufim crossing with the Palestinian enclave in southern Israel.

There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage. IDF forces were scanning the area to locate the precise impact site.

At least one more rocket is believed to have been launched in the volley, landing on the Gazan side.

“A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip hit southern Israel,” a statement from the Israeli army said. “No injuries reported.”

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IAF Strikes Terrorist Targets After Rocket Hits Southern Israel

(Photo: wikicommons/ Alexey Goral)

(Photo: wikicommons/ Alexey Goral)

Early this morning, the latest terrorist rocket attack from Gaza targeted southern Israel. The Times of Israel reports that the Israeli Air Force carried out airstrikes on terrorist targets after the attack:

Rocket alert sirens rang out early Thursday morning in towns near the Gaza Strip after a missile was fired from the Palestinian territory. The air force struck the Gaza Strip hours later in response…

The IDF said it wouldn’t tolerate any attempts to harm Israeli citizens and that it holds Hamas responsible.

Earlier this week, rocket sirens sounded across northern Israel in what turned out to be a false alarm. Sunday’s incident was the latest in a string of false alarms in recent weeks in which sirens sounded in southern Israel and the Golan Heights.

The rocket was the latest to hit southern Israel. Earlier this month, an Islamic State-affiliated group fired three rockets into southern Israel from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, causing no injuries or damage.

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Rocket Launched at Southern Israel



In what has become more frequent in recent weeks, a rocket from Gaza has been launched at southern Israel. The Times of Israel’s Joshua Davidovich reports the IDF confirms a rocket was launched and that local residents heard an explosion:

The Israeli military said a rocket was launched but it was not known if it had made it into Israeli territory, the Ynet news site reported.

The apparent attack would be the latest in a string of rockets targeted Israel over the last month, mostly attributed to small salafi groups locked in a battle with Gaza’s Hamas rulers…

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Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015 at 2:35 PM  | Stand for Israel

Breaking News: Rocket Launched at Israel



In what is becoming a more frequent occurrence, red alert sirens sounded in southern Israel today. Yediot Achronot reports that a rocket was launched at the southern city of Ashkelon:

Rocket alarm sounds in Ashkelon, IDF confirms at least 1 rocket fired from the northern Gaza Strip. Residents of the Ashkelon area reported hearing an explosion north of the city.

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Thursday, June 11th, 2015 at 2:36 PM  | Stand For Israel

The Rockets of Summer

(Photo: Oren Nahshon)

(Photo: Oren Nahshon)

In the past week, two terrorist rocket attacks have already been launched at Israel. At The Jerusalem Post, Fellowship Senior Vice President Yael Eckstein writes of the recent wars waged against Israel, most of which have occurred during the summer, and of the Israeli people’s resilience:

Last week, summer arrived in the Holy Land.

Unlike most places in the world, Israelis welcome summer somewhat reluctantly. Most of the recent wars waged against Israel have occurred in the summer, which has left many people associating warm weather with memories of sweating in a bomb shelter.

Yet, there is a divine resilience that the people of Israel possess, which enables us to move on with life.

So as the sun peaked out from behind the winter clouds, we left our fears in the secured rooms and headed for the beach.

When the summer flowers bloom and fill the air with a sweet perfume, the people of Israel go out to smell the roses. Two weeks ago the warm weather moved in, and you could practically feel the celebration and happiness in the air.

Children joyfully licked chocolate-banana popsicles, and laughed with excitement as it melted over their fingers.

Teenagers hit the beach with their iPods, and had picnics to celebrate the end of the school year.

Elderly people took the long-awaited journey outside to get some fresh air and defrost from the chilly winter.

And just as we all started to finally relax and feel confident in the carefree summer joy, the code red siren sounded and the rockets struck. When this happened, all Israelis – whether in southern Israel or Tel Aviv – were violently brought back into the fragile and sometimes terrifying reality we live with every day.

The sobering reality is that we can go to the beach, roam the malls, fly kites, and have summer picnics like the rest of the Western world. But we’re not like the rest of the Western world. Here in Israel we live from war to war. We have terrorists on every one of…

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Israeli Planes Strike Gaza After Rockets Hit South



Yesterday we reported that red alert sirens had once again sounded in the Holy Land, as terrorist rockets from Gaza were launched at southern Israel for the second time in a week. The Times of Israel’s Ilan Ben Zion reports that Israel responded to the rocket attack with airstrikes on terrorist targets in Gaza:

Israeli Air Force planes bombed three targets in the Gaza Strip after midnight on Thursday, shortly after rockets fired from the Hamas-controlled territory hit southern Israel.

The IDF confirmed three airstrikes on “terrorist infrastructure” in the Gaza Strip that scored direct hits. Hamas media reports said one airstrike targeted a Hamas military training ground in the central Gaza Strip and another hit targets in the southern city of Khan Yunis. There were no immediate reports of casualties in the attacks.

IDF Spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner said in a statement that the Israeli military “will act against the aggression, will act against those that wish to terrorize Israel and will act to protect Israelis in the line of indiscriminate Gaza rocket fire…”

The airstrikes came a few hours after three rockets were shot at southern Israel from the Gaza Strip Wednesday night, sending residents hurrying to bomb shelters for the second time in a little over a week. A Salafist group in the Gaza Strip named the Omar Brigades, which is sympathetic to the Islamic State, claimed responsibility for the rocket fire…

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Rocket Sirens Sound in Southern Israel



A week after rockets were launched from Gaza – with one landing in Israeli territory – The Times of Israel reports that rocket sirens have again sounded in southern Israel:

Rocket sirens rang out in southern Israel Wednesday night, sending residents hurrying to bomb shelters for the second time in a little over a week.

Alarms were heard in the Sdot Negev and Hof Ashkelon regions bordering the northern Gaza Strip, as well as the towns of Netivot and Ashkelon.

Two rockets landed in the Sdot Negev region, but caused no casualties or damage, news site Ynet reported.

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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015 at 3:33 PM  | Stand for Israel

An Update from Yael in the Holy Land

Fellowship Senior Vice President Yael Eckstein gives an update on the situation in Israel following a rocket attack from Gaza earlier this week.

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Friday, May 29th, 2015 at 8:20 AM  | Stand for Israel