How to Destroy a City in Five Minutes

(Photo: wikicommons/BishkekRocks)

(Photo: wikicommons/BishkekRocks)

Over the past year, there have been numerous attacks around the world perpetrated by Islamist terrorists. None was more horrifying than the June massacre of 38 tourists in Tunisia, which Michael Totten writes, destroyed a place he loved and is indicative of how these extremists wish to destroy all that stands in the way of their own insane ideology:

There’s a lot to love about Sousse. It’s an Arab city to emulate. If only Egyptians and Saudis and Iraqis could see this place, I thought to myself when I first got there, they’d see what’s possible in their own countries.

And that’s precisely why the likes of ISIS want to destroy it. ISIS isn’t gunning for Mecca. It is not targeting the Taliban-ruled parts of Afghanistan. It wants to swallow as much as it can, of course, but it can’t tolerate anything in the Muslim world that reminds people like me of a decadent infidel nation like France…


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Friday, August 28th, 2015 at 7:02 AM  | Stand for Israel

Heroes Foil Islamist Attack on Paris-Bound Train

Photo: Maurits90 -- WikiCommons

Three Americans along with a British businessman who fought off a heavily armed Islamist terrorist attacker on a Paris-bound train were granted France’s highest honor:

The three American friends who helped foil what could have been a mass shooting on a packed high-speed train bound for Paris started their journey in a different car, they said Sunday, underlining how easily their triumph could have been a tragedy.

When they got on the train Friday in Amsterdam, they could not find their first-class seats, so they sat elsewhere, said Anthony Sadler, one of the three vacationing childhood friends.

They have been lauded as heroes by President Obama. French President François Hollande on Monday will award them the Legion of Honor, France’s highest decoration. But on Sunday, amid gilding and tapestries in the U.S. ambassador’s residence in Paris, they stayed humble.

Thank God for people like this, who put themselves in harm’s way to save others.


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Monday, August 24th, 2015 at 6:58 AM  | Stand for Israel

Ten Months After Baby Murdered in Terror Attack, Family Welcomes New Baby

(Photo: flickr/arib)

(Photo: flickr/arib)

Late last year, Stand for Israel reported on the vehicular terror attack at a Jerusalem train station that left a baby dead. While the parents of the murdered child are still mourning their loss, Yediot Achronot tells us that they are also celebrating the birth of a new baby:

Ten months after their baby daughter was killed in the vehicular terror attack at the Ammunition Hill light rail station in Jerusalem, Chana and Shmulik Braun have welcomed a new baby girl.

Haya Zissel was the couple’s only child, and was born after many years of waiting. When she was only three months old, a terrorist struck her stroller head-on as the family was returning from the Western Wall…

Shortly after the attack, Chana Braun got pregnant again, and on Sunday the couple welcomed their new daughter. “We are grateful to the Almighty for everything,” Shmulik Braun told Ynet. “We thank him today for bringing us a daughter.”

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Friday, August 14th, 2015 at 8:28 AM  | Stand for Israel

A Wave of Attacks Across Turkey

(Photo: flickr/ranil_amarasuriya)

(Photo: flickr/ranil_amarasuriya)

In yesterday’s Daily Dispatch, we reported on the terrorist attacks that hit Turkey, including one on the U.S. consulate. As terror and extremism continue to affect the Middle East, Europe, and the entire world, Michael J. Totten takes a look at how it is affecting Turkey:

Turkey is rapidly becoming one of the most interesting countries in the Middle East, and not in a good way.

A terrorist organization called the People’s Defense Unit detonated a car bomb at a police station in Istanbul. The Kurdish PKK blew up an armored police vehicle and shot and killed a soldier flying in a military helicopter.

And the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party–Front (DHKP-C) attacked the US consulate in Istanbul…

Hard to believe that Turkey was once a serious candidate for European Union admission. Its largest city is mostly in Europe and much of the country feels quasi-European the way that Russia does, but it’s a crossroads nation that has all the problems of the Mediterranean region, all the problems of the Balkan Pensinula, and all the problems of the Middle East simultaneously.

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Tuesday, August 11th, 2015 at 7:14 AM  | Stand For Israel

What Distinguishes Us from Our Enemies



Last week, violence erupted in Israel once again. But this time the perpetrators were not Muslim extremists.

In one incident, a knife-wielding lunatic attacked demonstrators at the Gay Parade in Jerusalem, leaving one sixteen-year-old girl dead and several others wounded. The perpetrator was a Jew who just gotten out of jail after serving a ten-year sentence for attacking demonstrators at a 2005 Gay Parade.

In another horrific act of terror, Jewish extremists firebombed a Palestinian home in the West Bank and a toddler was burned to death.

The fact that these horrific acts of terror were carried out by Jews shocked our country. We’re used to hearing about Muslim terror, not Jewish terror. This news made every Israeli shudder in anger and disgust.

Over the weekend, thousands of Israelis demonstrated against this latest wave of violence perpetrated by our own brethren. Politicians denounced these brutal acts of terror and our security apparatus worked diligently to arrest those responsible.

The Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem paid a visit to the victims of the parade attack as they lay in their hospital beds fighting for their lives. And while no orthodox rabbi would condone gay marriage or accept homosexuality as a moral lifestyle, the Bible strictly forbids such violence against anyone, no matter who they are.

As for the Palestinian family fighting for their lives, even as their friends and relatives buried their murdered baby, our hearts and prayers are with them. Even when we fight wars in Gaza, Lebanon, and the West Bank, we take every precaution to avoid civilian casualties, often at the peril of our own soldiers. This is what has always distinguished us from our enemies, who fight for death while we fight for life. Now, because of this gruesome act, this dividing line has been blurred.

But our society will bounce back, and instead of praising the murderers, as our enemies often do, we will arrest those who committed these acts and bring them to justice.

In the coming weeks and months there will be much introspection here in Israel, as…

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Friday, August 7th, 2015 at 8:26 AM  | Stand For Israel

Three IDF Soldiers Hurt in Terror Attack

(Photo: Channel 2 screenshot)

(Photo: Channel 2 screenshot)

Terror has again struck the Holy Land today. The Times of Israel’s Judah Ari Gross reports that a vehicular attack left three IDF soldiers injured, two of them in serious condition:

Three Israeli soldiers were wounded when a terrorist plowed his car into them as they stood at a hitchhiking post in the northern West Bank on Thursday afternoon.

The attack took place at the Sinjil junction on Route 60, near the settlement of Shiloh and the Palestinian village of Sinjil, at around 3:10 p.m.

Two of the wounded were taken to Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem’s Ein Kerem neighborhood, both in serious condition; the third — with light-moderate wounds — was taken to Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva.

The terrorist was shot by IDF soldiers at the scene and trapped in his car when it subsequently flipped over. He was also in serious condition and treated by IDF troops at the scene, once security forces had established that his car was not booby-trapped.

We pray for the recovery of the injured soldiers, and for God’s hand of protection over all of His people.

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Thursday, August 6th, 2015 at 12:53 PM  | Stand For Israel

Terrorism and the Latest Iran Deal Distraction

(Photo: wikicommons/ Nick Taylor)

(Photo: wikicommons/ Nick Taylor)

As usual, the mainstream media has been doing its best to divert attention away from the dire and distressing aspects of the Iran nuclear deal. Commentary’s Jonathan Tobin writes that the main issue is, and should be, the fact that the nuclear agreement will only strengthen Iran’s support of terrorism:

Though the polls show increasing opposition to the Iran nuclear deal, President Obama seems to be winning in the court of public opinion on the issue this week. The reason is that a series of inflammatory comments about the agreement from Republican presidential candidates have made it appear as if its critics are nothing but a pack of cynical partisans…The terror angle to the Iran agreement has been largely swept under the rug by the administration…

This is not a small point or a semantic argument. By choosing to strike a deal with Iran that deliberately ignored its role as a state sponsor of terror, its quest for regional autonomy, its tyrannical abuses at home or its oft-stated goal of destroying Israel, the president essentially gave all these elements of the regime Western sanction. The administration may say that it disapproves of all of it and will seek to curb Iranian excesses in the future. But the goal here is not merely a shaky nuclear deal that in the best-case scenario will only put off an Iranian bomb for a decade. The president’s objective has been something far more ambitious: a détente with Iran that will allow it “to get right with the world.” We may well scoff at such naïveté but, in order to buy into the Iran deal, you have to actually think that Iran will stop aiding terror or fomenting conflict throughout the Middle East. Once you discard this absurd hope, you have to accept the fact that the funds the U.S. is agreeing to release to Iran will soon be paying for a Hezbollah or Hamas rocket aimed at Israel or a murder squad roving Europe…

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Friday, July 31st, 2015 at 8:51 AM  | Stand for Israel

Justice Finds Child-Killer Terrorist

(Photos: wikicommons/Mardetanha)

(Photos: wikicommons/Mardetanha)

In the past, Stand for Israel has told the tragic story of the Harans, the Israeli family who in 1979 were murdered by terrorists. One of those child-killing terrorists, Samir Kuntar, was reportedly killed today by an IAF airstrike. Tablet’s Liel Leibovitz writes that an unrepentant murderer of children such as Kuntar at last received the justice he deserved:

Danny Haran, 31, and his daughter Einat, 4, were taken hostage. Smadar, Danny’s wife, managed to grab her infant daughter Yael, 2, and hide in the apartment’s narrow attic. Terrified, and anxious to keep the child from crying, Smadar accidentally choked her baby to death. Kuntar and his men, meanwhile, took Danny and Einat to the beach, where they were met by Israeli soldiers and police officers. A short firefight ensued, but Kuntar had other targets in mind. He shot Danny in the back at close range, murdering him in front of his small daughter. Then, he took Einat and smashed her skull against a rock with the butt of his rifle.

Samir Kuntar was captured later that evening, and sentenced to life in an Israeli prison. There, he married an Israeli citizen, completed a bachelor’s degree and part of a master’s degree through the Tel Aviv-based Open University, and contemplated a run to the Lebanese parliament, cashing on his popularity in his native country. On July 16, 2008, Kuntar was released as part of a deal between Israel and the Hezbollah, and wasted no time espousing his favorite cause and calling for the kidnapping and murder of more Israelis. If he was indeed killed this morning in Lebanon, it’s nothing less than justice finally served.

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Wednesday, July 29th, 2015 at 2:50 PM  | Stand For Israel

Chattanooga Shooter Gave Chilling Warning of Jihad

(Photo: facebook)

(Photo: facebook)

Terror once again struck the United States yesterday, as a gunman shot and killed four Marines in Chattanooga, TN. And, writes The Daily Beast’s Michael Daly, the terrorist gave chilling warnings of his murderous intent beforehand:

Three days before he set out in a silver Mustang convertible and murdered four Marines, 24-year-old Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez all but announced his intentions in a pair of blog posts.

One, headlined “Understanding Islam: The Story of the Three Blind Men,” declared that the original disciples of the prophet were not “like priests living in monasteries.”

“Every one of them fought Jihad for the sake of Allah,” Abdulazeez wrote as myabdulazeez.

The second post was headlined “A Prison Called Dunya,” that being a term for the material world…

He brought along enough weaponry to fire what one witness described as “more bullets than you can count.” He shot up one recruiting center and then another, killing four Marines and wounding a police officer…

By Thursday evening, his mother had taken down the Facebook page…

Her son’s blog posts were being read by a senior counterterrorism official who reported being sick upon seeing them.

All the signals were there.

If only somebody had seen them.

Let us please pray for God’s comfort over the families of those who were murdered, for the recovery of the wounded, and for God’s hand of protection over the world, as hateful terrorist attacks such as these continue to occur.

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Friday, July 17th, 2015 at 8:35 AM  | Stand For Israel

Don’t Fall into the Trap of Complacency

Mr. Mahane Fahres, supervisor of Druze education in the Ministry of Education, and Religious Council representative in Hurfeish speaks with Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein

(Photo: IFCJ)

Each day, it seems that Israel is being threatened or attacked by one of its terrorist enemies. And when the Jewish state and its people are not being targeted, it is only because some other group – most often a religious minority – has incurred the terror organizations’ wrath. Fellowship Senior Vice President Yael Eckstein laments that none of us are immune to these threats. And, writing at The Jerusalem Post, she tells of what The Fellowship is doing for the Druze community:

I have gotten used to my father, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, being briefed on a disturbing situation and then yelling out the words, “How can this be? I can’t believe it!” and then taking swift action to help where others have failed to.

That is exactly what happened two weeks ago when Sheikh Moafaq Tarif, the Druse spiritual leader in Israel, approached The Fellowship asking for emergency food aid for the terrorized Druse families being targeted in Syria.

“This is an international headline news story, yet the world can’t get it together to provide food to these innocent people being threatened with genocide?” my father rightfully asked. The Druse leader said that was indeed the case. And, after lots of research, we learned that he was telling the truth. Two days later, my father, along with the Fellowship executive staff, approved six months of food aid for the Syrian Druse refugees in Jordan.

Learning about the plight of the Syrian Druse facing genocide was very powerful for me. As I looked at pictures of the terrified eyes of mothers holding their children, starving kids, and fearful fathers, I saw my own people.

The plight of the Syrian Druse – and of all of the other innocent minorities being ruthlessly persecuted around the world – is strikingly similar to the plight of the Jewish people before the formation of the modern State of Israel. Today, thank God,…

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Friday, July 10th, 2015 at 8:13 AM  | Stand For Israel