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Iranian calls for Israel's destruction

Although it is nearly unheard of in today’s world for a head of state to call for the destruction of another country, numerous Iranian officials have issued public calls for Israel’s destruction. Following are just a few of these:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

  • “We will witness dismantling of the corrupt regime [Israel] in a very near future.” – (Speech at “World Mosque Week,” quoted by Islamic Republic News Agency) August 2008
  • “You should know that the criminal and terrorist Zionist regime, which has 60 years of plundering, aggression and crimes in its file, has reached the end of its work and will soon disappear off the geographical scene.” (Reuters) June 2008
  • “The Zionist regime is dying. The criminals imagine that by holding celebrations … they can save the Zionist regime from death. They should know that regional nations hate this fake and criminal regime and if the smallest and briefest chance is given to regional nations they will destroy (it).” (Reuters) May 2008
  • “This terrorist and criminal state (Israel) is backed by foreign powers, but this regime would soon be swept away by the Palestinians.” (Ha’aretz) May 2008
  • “I warn you to abandon the filthy Zionist entity, which has reached the end of the line. It has lost its reason to be and will sooner or later fall. The ones who still support the criminal Zionists should know that the occupiers’ days are numbered. … Accept that the life of Zionists will sooner or later come to an end.” (Agence France-Presse) January 2008
  • “With God’s help, the countdown button for the destruction of the Zionist regime has been pushed by the hands of the children of Lebanon and Palestine . . . By God’s will, we will witness the destruction of this regime in the near future.” (FARS news agency) June 2007
  • “The Zionist regime is an injustice and by its very nature a permanent threat. Whether you like it or not, the Zionist regime is heading toward annihilation. The Zionist regime is a rotten, dried tree that will be eliminated by one storm.” (Conference at Tehran) April 2006

Other Iranian Leaders who have called for Israel’s destruction:

  • “I am convinced that with every day that passes Hezbollah’s power increases, and in the near future we will bear witness to the disappearance of this cancerous bacterium, Israel, by the Hezbollah’s fighters.” General Mohammad Ali Jaafari, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, February 2008
  • “With this anger, the certain death of the Zionist regime had been brought forward.” Top Iranian military advisor General Yahya Rahim Safavi, February 2008
  • “Iran’s position, which was first expressed by the Imam [Khomeini] and stated several times by those responsible, is that the cancerous tumor called Israel must be uprooted from the region.” Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, December 2000

What do you think?

  • Michael
    June 28, 2013
    8:41 am

    God always was,and still is in absolute control over all the nations.All enemies of GOD’S chosen people shall be destroyed!Either by their own hand,….or the Mighty Hand Of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

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  • from
    March 22, 2013
    7:48 am

    who think israel is powerfull,see the gaza war.
    Iran is a historic country and dont attack to any country until they attack to it.
    but israel attack to paletine and kill people.

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  • josephine
    January 30, 2013
    8:37 pm

    jewish people i am praying for you . i am a gentile christan . and i love yashua .Jesus . Yashua jesus is coming bavck very soon to take us home and he is coming with a sword . because he knows what is going on with the evil doorers

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  • Fekadu
    March 17, 2012
    12:56 pm

    Now look that is what i am saying! A country, that claims to be a member of the family of nations (UN), shamlessly and openly declares the statments of war on another member nation, like itself. Imagine, this is no joke! After all, the top leader of Iran, Mr President Ahmedinejad and also “the great Ayatollah”, the Supreme leader of the regime, are the ones who make the war decleration at different times. The world community has heard them repeatedly. So, shouldn’t Israel defend itself at all costs and in due course of time?

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    • josephine
      January 30, 2013
      8:18 pm

      i think that at the end of your eveilness God in heaven is always a winner not a looser like you people . you always got to kill people . i am a gentile christan and i dont like what you people are dong to my Lord place of Birth

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  • Lucas
    March 8, 2012
    5:52 pm

    you must look at this situation objectively (without God), Israel will not survive without human intervention. Iran wants to destroy Israel and Iran has nearly achieved nuclear fusion.

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  • Yelenis
    January 21, 2011
    1:28 pm

    I believe what God did in the old testament or old covenant he is able to do it again I praying that the Lord confused and troubled the Israel’s enemy Hamans and Hezbollah and they start killing each other and the hand of God will show triumphantly in His people Israel with all my love for Israel and Christians arabs and Jews.May God bless

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  • Lydia
    November 11, 2010
    7:07 pm

    I pray and ask the God of our Lord Jesus Christ will reveal Himself to the President Mahmound Ahmadinejad, so that he will come to know the truth about the Isreal people. He called for destruction of Isreal, don’t the president himself knows that he is fighting agaisnt God people. Are you not afraid afraid of God to bring curse agaisnt your nation and country. We Love the people of Iran but dont support of their destruction of Isreal. “YOU ARE BRING CURSE TO YOUR OWN NATION” stop it and repent God will forgive you and blessed your nation and country.

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  • Candice Ann
    December 5, 2009
    11:31 am

    In my life so far I have seen the Nation of Israel become what God intended for “HIS _BELOVED PEOPLE”. I have witnessed children, women, men win a nation, against all odds and the world. The United States has been a partner to Israel since the beginning of their request to be recognized by the world as a sovereign nation. We have been blessed by God for this alliance with Israel, and so _now we stand against the world together. The alliance is a threat to the nations that surround this small nation, like a thorn in a lion’s paw they have refused to fade into the night. The nations that are born of the radical tantrum of a unwanted child of a doubting Abraham in God’s promise for a son, still do not accept that they are not the chosen and the sad thing is God’s will was and still is being done.
    It is time for the child in these nations to grow up an look at what their jealousy and hate for Israel have done to themselves, Their people die in poverty and warped religious idealology by old men who do not risk their lives yet, send out the innocent to die for their warped beliefs. GOD has a plan laid out since the beginning of time how he wants the people of this earth to progress to the end. It will only happen “AT HIS WILL” and not by any other means. I believe Israel is God’s nation/people, I am most grateful to have lived in a time where I may yet see the coming of God’s will be done on this earth ..fulfilled.
    — Bless Israel and her People!!!

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    • josephine
      January 30, 2013
      8:26 pm

      my jewish brother and sister in christ dont let the radicals bother because one day my friend my God and your God will judge the evil . i pray for the peace of isreal all the time . Just trust in Jsus he sees everything my friend i am agentile christan and i love isreal

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  • shawn
    November 12, 2009
    2:37 pm

    The iranian government and the hezbollah don’t understand that Israel is under the lord’s protection The iranian president needs to take look at back at the 6 day war in 1967 when the saudis and jordanians tried to destroy Israel.

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