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The United Nations World Conferences against Racism (The “Durban” conferences)

In 2001, the World Conference against Racism was held in Durban, South Africa. The American and Israeli delegations walked out, believing the proceedings unfairly targeted Israel and hijacked the proceedings in order to tar Israel and Zionism with charges of racism.

When the second United Nations World Conference against Racism, popularly known as “Durban II,” met in Geneva, Switzerland, in April 2009, anti-Semitism and harsh criticism of Israel were in evidence again. Israel, the United States, Canada, and several other countries boycotted the conference altogether, recognizing that it would once again be commandeered by Israel’s enemies in order to attack the Jewish state.

The suspicions of the boycotting countries were proved true on the very first day of the conference, which, coincidentally, fell on Yom Ha’Shoah, Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day. In a speech to conference delegates, Iranian President Ahmadinejad blasted out one calumny after another, calling Israel “the most cruel and repressive racist regime in Palestine.”

Ahmadinejad at the second Durban conference

Ahmadinejad claimed that Israel’s founders “resorted to military aggression to make an entire nation homeless on the pretext of Jewish sufferings,” called Israel’s government “perpetrators of genocide,” and accused “Zionists” of planning the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Summing up, he said that “world Zionism personifies racism.” (Zionism is generally defined as the belief that the Jews should have a homeland in the land of Israel.)

Meanwhile, other members of the Iranian delegation screamed at Nobel Laureate, Humanitarian, and Holocaust survivor Elie Weisel, calling him a “Zio-Nazi.”

Many Western delegates walked out on Ahmadinejad’s speech, but delegates from Arab and Muslim countries applauded. While the representatives who walked out certainly did the right thing, it is a travesty that the U.N. provided a public forum for the Iranian President in the first place.

Yes, the U.N. Secretary General condemned Iran’s President for the incitement. But delegates at the conference nonetheless ratified the original Durban I declaration that singles out Israel, brands it a racist state, and says that Palestinians are victims of racism.

In late 2010, the U.N. announced that it would hold a conference in New York City in September, 2011, to mark the 10th anniversary of the first Durban conference. The U.S. announced that it would not attend, citing “ugly displays of intolerance and anti-Semitism” associated with the event.

What do you think?

  • Rex
    October 15, 2013
    1:14 am

    “Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing against the lord and his anointed”? Though they gather, they shall be scattered, say the Lord

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  • Dela
    July 17, 2013
    8:58 am

    Nice to see so many people sharing the same thought, but since the world has turned their backs on God, they’ve also turned their backs on Israel. Israel needs all our support.

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  • Jack
    May 21, 2013
    6:17 pm

    I am still around after chasing after Adolph Hitler all the way across France to Germany. Sorry, but I never did catch the SOB. We must show some backbone and not allow this conference in our country

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  • Todd
    August 27, 2012
    8:03 am

    A-men God bless israel we must stand by her no matter what

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  • John
    September 27, 2011
    2:09 pm

    All of the Nations of the earth are about to

    witness the glory and power of our MIGHTY GOD

    against those who come against the apple of His

    eye. God bless the people of Israel!!

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  • Zvi
    September 24, 2011
    2:54 pm

    This is known from the beginning of the history of the mankind: The Jews are and will forever be the People and Owners of the Land of Israel!!! It has been proven many times.

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  • Nathan
    September 23, 2011
    9:18 pm

    Calling Weisel a “Zio-Nazi” is so absurd, my head is reeling. How about the REAL “Islamo-Nazi” Haj Amin al-Husseini? Why doesn’t Ahmadinejad reference THAT? G-D help us.

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  • maria
    September 23, 2011
    2:20 pm

    Israel is God’s promised land to the Jewish nation.Anyone who stands against Israel stands against God.It is time we stop the bulling of God’s people,stand up for Israel now is the time to Bless Israel and Curise all those who fight against her.Dear God we pray that you will not let your people suffer.That you will stop the ones who come against her.Father I pray that you bless all people who are for Israel and help us to stand strong with her against her FOES.Father I know that you have a plan and in your time I know you will put an end to all those who curse your people.Lord God I pray for Israel and her people that you will keep them safe from all who hate them.It is in your son holy name Jesus Christ I ask this.Amen

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  • Doug
    September 22, 2011
    7:11 pm

    Indeed, pray for Israel. 1 Timothy 2:1-6, Pray for all men…acceptable in the sight of God our Savior…I just found out not long ago that was in the Holy Bible.I don’t know everyone, but God does.

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  • david
    September 22, 2011
    7:02 pm

    The Bible teaches that the one that brings a short peace to Israel is the antichrist spoken of by John. Barak Obama is a tool, being wielded by satan. Open your eyes and see who Obama really is…

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  • david
    September 22, 2011
    6:58 pm

    The Father told us thousands of years ago that these days would come, that they could not be avoided and that the followers of Christ along with the Hebrews would become hunted criminals.

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  • david
    September 22, 2011
    6:55 pm

    my friends, these things must happen. the painful undeniable truth is that these things must happen. To attempt to thwart them is effectively attempting to thwart the will of G_d.

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  • alton
    May 10, 2011
    7:11 pm

    the USA and ISRAEL both need to drop out of the united nations,it’s a joke and shouldn’t even exists!do they ever agree on anything? they have turned it into a corrupt organization!

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  • alton
    May 10, 2011
    7:06 pm

    Ahmadinejad is another Hitler!if he doesn’t get right with the LORD,he will burn in his own self denial that is prepared for the devil and his is better to trust GOD than anything that comes out of corrupt leaders mouths!bless ISRAEL LORD.

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  • Brendan
    August 27, 2010
    3:56 pm

    Yes Soldiers went on board the Aid Ship. There is little said about the weapons used against the Soldiers. What were they to do,allow themselves to be murdered. Michael Martin our foreign affairs minister was quick to attack Israel for protecting its borders,the irish people were not asked for their reaction, this is Martins personal view, the Fianna Fail/Greens dictatorship.This coming from the political party that betrayed the irish people and sold our birthright to the banks and the rich with their greed all for filthy riches. When The criminal runs the country what do you expect.
    God bless Israel and God help Ireland.

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  • MG
    August 22, 2010
    9:57 pm

    This is so sad yet it reflects the age in which we live. The spirit of Antichrist is at work and we who are children of the Most High must continue to pray for the Jews and the nation of Israel. The weapons certainly will be formed but they will NOT prosper. GOD BLESS ISRAEL!

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  • Paul
    August 20, 2010
    7:57 am

    I believe dat land belöngs to the jewish people,even if world opinion is agansit israel it wont change what God the almighty says about israel,they a his people and chosen nation an he wil restore them to that land which he promised to their forefathers.,God bless israel

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  • margaretfelmet
    July 6, 2010
    3:53 pm

    Israel belongs to God .I feel sorry for anybody that would try and give it away. after all you can
    not give anything away that don’t belong to you.

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  • Jose
    February 18, 2010
    11:44 am

    My thoughts are with the people of Israel solely because I read through the Holy Scriptures; and they are clear: Israel belongs to the Jewish people. Thanks for hosting this site.

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    • Joseph
      July 6, 2010
      8:26 am

      Israel belongs to God. The fate of this country and her people are in His hands. This is a God who loves Jews ,Arabs, and ALL races.

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    • Joy
      November 5, 2010
      8:17 am

      The bible is more than clear. God will not be mocked. The promised land was promised to the jewish people and they will get what was promised to them one way or another. I think standing on God’s side with them is the most intelligent thing anyone can do.

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