Iran “Would Have Harmed” Nuclear Chief for Revealing Nuke Activity to US

(Photo: wikicommons/IAEA)

(Photo: wikicommons/IAEA)

As Congress prepares to either approve or disapprove the Iranian nuclear deal, it is doubtful that they have received all of the necessary information regarding Iran’s nuclear program and intentions. The Islamic Republic’s duplicity is becoming clearer, however, as The Times of Israel’s Tamar Pileggi reports that Iran threatened the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) if he shared details of the Iranian nuclear program with the U.S.:

According to the report, Tehran officials warned IAEA Director-General Yukiya Amano of retaliation if he revealed specific information outlined in confidential documents handed over by Tehran for the IAEA probe of its nuclear weapons development.

“In a letter to Yukiya Amano, we underlined that if the secrets of the agreement [roadmap between Iran and the IAEA] are revealed, we will lose our trust in the Agency; and despite the US Congress’s pressures, he didn’t give any information to them,” Atomic Energy Organization of Iran spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi told Iranian lawmakers Monday, Fars said.

“Had he done so, he himself would have been harmed,” he added…

During Amano’s recent official US visit to brief lawmakers on the accord, the IAEA chief declined to give Congress a copy of the confidential inspection documents handed over by Tehran.

Republican lawmakers criticized Amano for withholding the information, claiming they needed access to the confidential documents to decide whether to vote to approve or disapprove the deal in September.

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Tuesday, August 18th, 2015 at 2:20 PM  | Stand for Israel

The Matisyahu Incident and the BDS Anti-Semitism Connection

(Photo: flickr/maxim303)

(Photo: flickr/maxim303)

This week, a concert by the Jewish-American musician Matisyahu was canceled in Spain. This would not be news, except for the fact that the show was canceled because the singer refused to agree with the BDS movement’s agenda. Commentary’s Jonathan Tobin discusses the incident before posting Matisyahu’s own response:

It shouldn’t have taken the decision of a music festival in Valencia, Spain to make this clear. Long before the Rototom Sunsplash told American singer Matisyahu that he must either sign a declaration of support for the creation of a Palestinian state or have his appearance canceled, it was clear that the BDS — boycott, divest, sanction — movement had crossed the line between legitimate criticism of Israel and anti-Semitism…

The facts of the Matisyahu incident are interesting because, as a religious Jew, his public image is so closely tied to Judaism. Though he no longer sports the look of a Hasid of the Chabad movement with which he was once affiliated, the singer whose real name is Matthew Miller is still very much identified as a Jew. Regardless of whether you think a Palestinian state would be a good thing, demanding that he make a political statement about the conflict with Israel is hardly reasonable. Nor does it appear that the pro-BDS organizers of the festival asked any of their other artists to weigh in on those nations and groups that threaten Israel with annihilation.

As the singer explained on his Facebook page:

The festival organizers contacted me because they were getting pressure from the BDS movement. They wanted me to write a letter, or make a video, stating my positions on Zionism and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to pacify the BDS people. I support peace and compassion for all people. My music speaks for itself, and I do not insert politics into my music. Music has the power to transcend the intellect, ideas, and politics, and it can unite people in the process. The festival kept insisting that I clarify my personal views; which felt like…

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Rabbi Eckstein on The 700 Club


Last week, Rabbi Eckstein’s biography, The Bridge Builder, was released. He sat down with Pat Robertson on The 700 Club to discuss the book and his decades of work building bridges between Christians and Jews.

Learn more about Rabbi Eckstein’s biography at

Click here to order your hardcover copy of The Bridge Builder, or click here to order a copy for Kindle.

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Tuesday, August 18th, 2015 at 8:07 AM  | Stand for Israel

Nuclear Deal Delusions

(Photo: wikicommons/ seyedkhan)

(Photo: wikicommons/ seyedkhan)

Even after the nuclear deal was made with Iran, the Islamic Republic’s leadership has continued to spout hatred and threats against Israel and the West. In response to the latest from Iran, Israel Hayom’s Ruthie Blum writes of the delusions many in the West still have even in the face of such rhetoric:

The Fars article covers Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s address to the so-called 8th International General Assembly of Islamic Radios and Televisions Union about the nuclear deal.

“Washington imagined that it could use this agreement whose fate is not clear yet … to find a way to wield influence in Iran, and this was their intention,” Khamenei said. “But we closed this path, and we will definitely keep it closed. We will not allow the U.S. to influence our economy, or politics or culture. We will stand against such penetration with all our power — that is, thank God, at a high level today.”

He went on to say, “[The Americans] seek to disintegrate the regional states and create small and subordinate countries … but the territorial integrity of the regional states, Iraq and Syria, is highly important to us.”

Elaborating on his own policies, which include “never yielding to excessive demands of the enemies, while safeguarding Iran’s defensive and security capabilities,” and not changing its stance toward the U.S., Khamenei stressed, “Iran fully supports resistance in the region, especially the resistance in Palestine, and supports anyone who fights against Israel and strikes at the Zionist regime…”

In other words, whatever the outcome of its bogus contract with the P5+1, the Iranian regime will proudly remain the greatest state sponsor of terrorism. And it will have lots more money at its disposal for this purpose than it had before its American, European, Russian and Chinese appeasers begged it to accept cash for signing the contract they so desired.

Tell your congressmen and senators to say…

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Tuesday, August 18th, 2015 at 8:00 AM  | Stand for Israel

Desire to Destroy Israel Is Part of Iran’s “Founding Vision”

(Photo: Presidential Press and Information Office)

(Photo: Presidential Press and Information Office)

While much of the media ignores Iran’s threats against Israel, that doesn’t mean such threats have not been – and don’t continue to be – made. The Algemeiner reports that an Israeli think tank published a report yesterday that details Iran’s continued threats to destroy Israel:

In the report, the author, Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall, calls Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei the “chief agitator for the extermination of Israel.” He says this position is a continuation of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s “founding vision” that “the eradication of Zionism is an inevitable precondition for redeeming contemporary Islam.”

According to the report, this fight to destroy the Jewish state has been an axiomatic directive of the Islamic Republic of Iran from the founding of the theocracy in 1979, which could never be “questioned or strayed from,” and was an “objective to be perpetually and actively pursued…”

This hostility towards Israel, he asserts, allows Iran to fulfill two main aspects of Khomeini’s ideology: exporting the worldview of the ruling mullahs by posing as a champion of the Palestinian cause, expanding its regional influence in the process, and ultimately gaining enough power to pose a significant threat to Israel…

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Monday, August 17th, 2015 at 7:34 AM  | Stand for Israel

IDF Prepares as Jihadist, Hezbollah Threats Mount

(Photo: flickr/IDF)

(Photo: flickr/IDF)

As Stand for Israel has mentioned before, Iran’s nuclear aspirations are not its only threat against Israel. Its sponsorship of terror across the Middle East and around the world is also of great concern. The Times of Israel reports that the IDF is preparing to defend the Jewish state against threats from Iran-backed Hezbollah and other jihadist groups along Israel’s northern border:

The Israeli military is preparing for a possible ground operation on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights in the event of sustained rocket strikes or coordinated terror attacks against Israel either by Sunni jihadists or Hezbollah operatives.

The number of Islamists flooding into the area close to the border with Israel has the IDF on high alert, Channel 2 reported Sunday, adding that the military held a large-scale drill last week simulating a possible advance into Syria and the evacuation of Israeli civilians from border communities…

The IDF is also planning for a possible Hezbollah offensive directed by Iran, with an IDF source saying that hundreds of Hezbollah members are present in the Golan, and that Tehran has been behind several recent attacks against Israel. Israeli officials have routinely raised concerns over the presence of Iranian and Hezbollah fighters using positions in the Syrian Golan, partially held by rebel forces, to attack Israel.

“It’s clear that Iran is behind all of the terror attacks here [in the Golan] in the past two years,” the IDF officer said Sunday during a briefing with reporters. “The Iranians are using the border – they establish units – whether it’s [Jihad] Mughniyeh, [Samir] Kuntar, and more – to carry out [the attacks].”

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Photo Friday: A Place for You to Dwell Forever


“I have indeed built a magnificent temple for you, a place for you to dwell forever.” (1 Kings 8:13)

Most people know about the Western Wall (also known as the Wailing Wall), a portion of the retaining wall that once surrounded the Second Temple in Jerusalem. It’s considered the holiest site in all of Judaism, and Jews from around the world flock to this sacred spot to lift their prayers to God.

But did you know that there’s another portion of the wall that remains and is considered by some even more sacred, as it was situated closer to the Holy of Holies? Learn more about “The Small Wailing Wall,” or HaKotel HaKatan. Shabbat shalom, friends.

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Friday, August 14th, 2015 at 11:01 AM  | Stand For Israel

Dear God, Save Us from Ourselves

(Photo: flickr/goldberg)

(Photo: flickr/goldberg)

In the wake of horrific terror attacks that have occurred recently, the people of Israel – and those who support the Jewish state – must remain united. Writing at The Jerusalem Post, Fellowship Senior Vice President Yael Eckstein says that despite any difficulties, Israel and her people are a light unto the nations:

Did the people who firebombed an Arab home on July 31, killing an innocent Palestinian baby and father in a “price tag” attack, not read the Ten Commandments, which clearly tells us that G-d finds murder repulsive and impure? Did they really think that any good could come out of such an inhumane and despicable act? Dear G-d, in this upside down world, so much of what Your children are doing in the name of holiness is exactly the opposite. Open up our hearts to know Your truth, and keep Psalm 133 as our guiding light. “How good and pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in peace.”

Yet G-d, despite the difficulties, the beauty and holiness in this land of our forefathers is illuminating. I pray that just as You have taught us to do, you too will see the good and not the bad. I plead for You to dwell on the splendor of Your people instead of the depravity.

We are trying to be a light unto the nations, an honor to Your name, and there is a lot of good we are doing here in the Holy Land that is unique and distinctive…

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Friday, August 14th, 2015 at 8:52 AM  | Stand for Israel

Iran Deal Is a Matter of Existence for the Jewish People

(Photo: wikicommons/ Talmoryair)

(Photo: wikicommons/ Talmoryair)

There are so many reasons to be opposed to the nuclear deal with Iran. But one of them, as noted by Rabbi Eckstein in an article in the Washington Post, is the continued Iranian threat to destroy the Jewish state and its people:

The Holocaust looms over the nuclear deal debate.

Obama doesn’t seem to understand that fear, said Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, president of the pro-Israel International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, which has launched a campaign to sink the deal and recently released a video featuring an exploding bomb that deal supporters are likely to deem incendiary.

“When there’s rhetoric saying ‘we’re going to destroy you’ and they have the power to do so, we’ve learned ‘never again,’” said Eckstein. “Take them at their word and don’t let it happen.”

Tell your congressmen and senators to say no to a nuclear Iran.

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Friday, August 14th, 2015 at 8:40 AM  | Stand for Israel

Ten Months After Baby Murdered in Terror Attack, Family Welcomes New Baby

(Photo: flickr/arib)

(Photo: flickr/arib)

Late last year, Stand for Israel reported on the vehicular terror attack at a Jerusalem train station that left a baby dead. While the parents of the murdered child are still mourning their loss, Yediot Achronot tells us that they are also celebrating the birth of a new baby:

Ten months after their baby daughter was killed in the vehicular terror attack at the Ammunition Hill light rail station in Jerusalem, Chana and Shmulik Braun have welcomed a new baby girl.

Haya Zissel was the couple’s only child, and was born after many years of waiting. When she was only three months old, a terrorist struck her stroller head-on as the family was returning from the Western Wall…

Shortly after the attack, Chana Braun got pregnant again, and on Sunday the couple welcomed their new daughter. “We are grateful to the Almighty for everything,” Shmulik Braun told Ynet. “We thank him today for bringing us a daughter.”

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Friday, August 14th, 2015 at 8:28 AM  | Stand for Israel